The Polar Bear

Ursus maritimus

Introduction to Polar Bears

The Polar Bear is a giant white bear, with long claws, and sharp teeth. It can weigh from 900 to 1600 pounds. Its body size can be from 7-8 feet. They live in the Arctic where they usually roam the ice sheets looking for their main prey seals. They can live for about 25-30 years.


Male Polar Bears usually leave the female alone to take care of the cub(s). While the female's take care of the cubs they will aggressively protect the cubs because hungry males try to eat them. The females usually give birth in the winter to their cubs and will dig holes in snow drifts to protect them selves from the harsh weather. The cubs will stay with their mother for about two years and then leave when their able to survive on their own.

Endangered Species

The Polar Bears are very threatened due to the melting ice caps. There use to be more of them. Know there population size is from twenty to twenty six thousand. Out of all of that there are only one thousand six hundred in Canada. Luckily in 1973 a law was passed on the Conservation of Polar Bears in Canada.