Maryland in the colonial era

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History of Maryland

The colony was founded by Cecelius Calvert also known as Lord Baltimore in 1634 but he was given permission for the land in 1632 and was granted land that lay between the Potomac River and the Chesapeake Bay.

The colonist traded with the native people to have the right to settle.

Important events

  • In 1645 Puritan rebellion against the government of Maryland. governor Leonard Calvert fled to return one year later and reestablish control and execute Ingle.
  • In 1649 the Maryland Act of Toleration was passed to ensure religious freedom for Catholics however in 1689 it was repealed due to the Protestant Association which took over Maryland as a royal colony. Religious freedom disappeared.
  • In 1655 the Puritans overwhelmed Williams Stone’s forces and took over Maryland in the Battle of Severn.
  • In 1658 the Calverts regained control of Maryland again through legal action and restored religious toleration.
  • In 1695 Annapolis became the capital of Maryland.
  • In 1714 Benedict Leonard Calvert became the fourth Lord Baltimore. He joined the Church of England and was granted proprietorship of Maryland.
  • Baltimore was settled in 1729.

Important people

Reason why you would want to move and live in Maryland

  1. Better religious freedom with all Christians given more freedom then if they had continue to live in Britain.
  2. Could grow tobacco as an indentured servant and possibly get land and makes lots of money off of it.
  3. There was never a starving time as we have plenty of food
  4. Good relationships with the Native Americans.

European countries that have been involved with Maryland.

The English gave the right to start the colony and it was named after an English queen and was started for religious freedom.

Location and geography of Maryland

  • Maryland has fertile land good for growing tobacco which can be sold for a lot of money

  • Maryland is located between multiple colonies from the north an south.

  • Maryland is divided by the Chesapeake Bay which runs north almost to the border.

  • Both Delaware and Pennsylvania are located north of Maryland.

  • South of Maryland is Virginia.

Maryland's religion, government, policies, and trade routes

  • Maryland was intended to be a refuge for Catholics, as they were a minority at the time

  • Catholics became the minority when enough Protestants started moving in and there was a lot of religious strife.

  • Maryland was a colony that is a proprietary government (privately owned).