Additional Tours at Dad Ibe Lodge

In your Stay in our Lodge you can add another tours options.

Be free to decide where to go when you are in our Lodge.

Cayuco Ride

In this tour you can experience the Kuna culture rowing to the islands near the hotel so we can share with nature and the beautiful waters of Kuna Yala.

This is a typical habit of the locals is how islands are transported to islands each day.

Rate per Person $ 5.00

Tour Cainora Island

The tour will take a boat and drive about 15 minutes from the hotel to enjoy the beautiful beaches that make up the Caribbean Kuna.

Regular Rate $ 15.00 per person

Doesn´t include the kuna tax. $ 3.00

Tour to Sapur ( Rainforest)

This tour is located at a distance of 15 minutes from the lodge by boat. in this tour will appreciate the rich terrestrial flora and fauna which is surrounded by the area We can see flowers and plants, as well as different types of birds, alligators,monkeys, insects of all kinds, snakes and many more. an extraordinary place for those who love nature. in this tour you will have many physical activity on the way

Amongst the species that can be observed in the area are; arborescents (“rosa de monte”, alecost, medlar, “espavé”, mahogany, oak, “maría”, lignum vitae) and valuable plants (liane, the “jira” palm, “caña blanca”, annatto tree and many others), medicine plants etcetera

Duration: approximately 3 hours

Difficulty: Regular

Rate Per Person $ 20.00

Waterfall Tours

Hike in the dense tropical forest and refreshing swim by a water fall. Here you can observe a varied vegetation, birds, insects.

Duration: approximately 5 to 6hours and it is quite physically demanding.
Difficulty: difficult. A good physical condition is required

Rates Per Person : $60.00


· Bottles of wáter

· Lunch Box for the tour

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Artisanal Fisheries

This fishing activity can be made using proper instruments of Kuna Indians, which consist of fish with a nylon, hook and bait.

This is the basic form used in the area every day to carry home the food.

Rate per person $ 20.00 per person

Rate per person $ 10.00 per person ( close to the Lodge)

Minimum Person : 2 Persons.

Tour Tupir Islands

You also can enjoy the beautiful beach in this tour

The tour will take a boat and drive about 60 minutes from the hotel to enjoy the beautiful islands that make up the Caribbean Kuna. Different waters and marine life can be seen on this trip and differents uninhabited Islands.

Mínimum 2 Pax :

Rates Per Person

$65.00 per person ( 2-3 pax)

$ 55.00 per person( 4-5 pax)

$ 45.00 per person (-6-7-8pax)

$ 35.00 per person ( 9-10-11-12 pax)

Duration: approximately 3-4 Hours

Presentation of Traditional Kuna dance

This presentation takes place at our facilities or the community. You can enjoy traditional dances Kuna. You may also interact in these bailiffs led by the Kuna dancers and will experience a culture so full of values and people retain their identity.

A dancing representation of everyday situations, imitations of certain animals or histories. It stems from the word “kammu” which is a sacred flute that evokes strength when accompanied by the dance. It resembles the movement of the wind. The music is generated with small flutes (kammu burwi) played by men and with maracas (nasis) played by women.

$65.00 for Presentation

Kayaking and River Activities in the Ailigandi River

One of the best ways to experience the Guna Yala Rainforest is to use the traditional canoes to explorer the river. Guest are encouraged to explore the river, Kayaking with traditional canoes can be done by people of all skill levels including the adventurous explorers and those looking to relax and enjoy the slow meandering current. As the river is quite calm, the river is a perfect opportunity to go for a resfreshing swim.

Rate per person :

$ 20.00 per person

Bird Watching Tours.

Very Early we can observe a great diversity from a boat in the Ailigandi Rover, Humminbirds, Tangaras, gulls, woodpeckers, parrots, macaws, toucans and pelican are some of the species of Bird that you can see at Guna Yala Rainforest

Rate per person $ 20.00