Patriot Pages

October 2019 Edition

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Our Patriot Leaders have been busy working hard in and out of the classroom. I am extremely proud of how they are demonstrating leadership throughout the school community.

Please continue to encourage your students to be leaders everywhere they go. Read through the Leader In Me information included in this newsletter as a resource.

We thank you for all you do to support our school!

Yours in service,

Mrs. Odom

Patriots in Action

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Leader in Me

Students and teachers are learning how to set WIGs (Wildly Important Goals). All of our teachers have set personal WIGs. Students are learning how to track their teacher's goal.

Ask your child what they have learned about WIGs! As we continue on through the year, your child will have the chance to set a goal for themselves (personally and academically) and create strategies on how to achieve their goals.

We encourage parents to get involved! Try using the 7 habits at home and remember to ask your child how they are using them every day at school.

The Leader in ME!

Habit 1 -Be Proactive

“You’re in charge”

Habit 2 -Begin with the End in Mind

“Have a plan”

Habit 3 -Put First Things First

“Work first, then play!”

Habit 4 - Think Win-Win

“Everyone can win”

Habit 5 -Seek First to Understand, Then to Be Understood

“Listen before you talk”

Habit 6 -Synergize

“Together is better”

Habit 7 -Sharpen the Saw

“Balance feels best”

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Habits at Home- Habit 2-Begin with the End in Mind

Would you start a trip without knowing where you are going? Knowing what you trying to accomplish directs all the choices on the way.

Habit 2 is Begin with the End in Mind- Think about how you want something to turn out before you start it. Goal setting is an important skill for success. Set a goal. Then, break it down into small manageable pieces. A great example is a puzzle. You study the picture. Then, you sort pieces. Perhaps you’ll do the edge first. Next, you may find all the pieces of one color, and so on step by step until it is complete.

What you can do at home: Point out choices: share stories from your life when you set a goal and either met it or didn’t. Create a goal with your child: Is there something your child wants that he/she can work for? Better reading skills, a day with a parent, a new toy or game? Help your child set the goal and define steps they can take to achieve it. Make sure it is attainable to create a positive experience. Look to the future: Help your child identify an interest and then encourage activities, skills, books, or other opportunities that support that interest. Show them how these little steps can lead them to greater opportunities to use this interest in a variety ways or careers in their adult life. They very well may change their mind, but they will know you support them.

Words to use:

“What do you plan on this being when you are finished?”

“Can we break this into more manageable steps?”

“Do you need anything from me in order for you to be successful?”

“What other steps do we need to take to reach this goal?”

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Duke TIP Scholars

Congratulations to following students who have been identified as Duke TIP Scholars:

Siannah Caskey

Kadyn Caskey

Wyatt Chadwick

Tirtha Dave

Jerome Davis

Cynthia Langdale

Kelsey Maxwell

Eva Polito

Kylan Robinson

Camille Rubiano

Carter Sessoms

Ella Golden

Landon Wesley

Skylar Matthews

Peyton Remy

Sha’nye Wilson

Josh Helms

Lucas Karnilowicz

Skylee Adames

Shelby Beuch

Annabelle Phillips

Leah Simon

Reese Williams

Brayden Brogdon

Kerilyn Robertson

Parker Wright

Duke TIP works with academically gifted students, their families, and educators to identify, recognize, and support students as they reach their highest potential. TIP provides two talent searches and a variety of academic programs for grades four through twelve, including in-person and online options.

Welcome Officer Roberts

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Our new School Security Officer

School Security Officer, (SSO) Matthew Roberts, has been in law enforcement since 2003 in the field of corrections. He has been in security since 2016 to present.He is a Volunteer Fire Fighter / First Responder with Antioch in Lancaster County since 2000 to present. He has 3 young children ages: 7 (son), 6 (daughter), and 3 (son). He loves the outdoors, hunting and fishing, and he is also an Eagle Scout since 1998. He is glad to be working at Independence Elementary and with the Rock Hill School District 3.

Let's Play!

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Our New Playground

We are excited about our new kindergarten playground! The district provided us with new equipment and turf that will allow our kindergarten students to play safely outdoors.
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Red Ribbon Week is coming!

Independence will celebrate Red Ribbon Week Oct 28-31st. Red Ribbon Week began in 1985 as a national campaign to educate our children about the negative effects of drugs and alcohol. It is the largest, most visible prevention awareness campaign observed in the United States.

During Red Ribbon Week, teachers and students are encouraged to show their spirit by participating in the theme dress up days and healthy activities. Beta Club is working hard to finalize our dress up theme days, please look for the schedule to come in the days ahead.


The #1 reason kids give for not using drugs is their parents! However, 40% of parents believe that have little influence on their children's drug use. Parents please talk to your children about making healthy and wise choices!

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Notes from the School Nurse

Welcome back to another great school year at Independence! I am listing a few reminders for you to keep in mind as we enter into the flu/virus season.

*Make sure your contact information is updated, and have a plan for what to do if your child needs to go home. Have a backup person who can pick up your child if you’re not available.

*Know that a school nurse cannot diagnose. We can make a suggestion of what we think might be going on, but you have to take your child to a doctor to receive a diagnosis and treatment. Sometimes school nurses might notice things that a teacher or parent has not, and often, they know what sickness is going around.

* Follow the 24-hour fever-free rule to return to school. We understand that parents have to work, but giving a kid Tylenol or Advil to get the fever down doesn’t qualify as being 24-hours fever-free. It has to be 24 hours fever-free with no assistance. This is for your child’s safety as well as other children’s, to stop the spread of disease. Remember last year’s flu season, when some districts had classrooms with very few kids in them? Let’s try to avoid that this year.

* For 5K and 1st grade, put a clean pair of pants and underwear in their backpack and keep them there all year. Nurses often have to call home to have clothes brought for kids after an accident or spill.

* Let the nurse know if there has been flu, strep or another contagious disease. The school districts’ health departments are required to share numbers with the state and even the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Those numbers start with the school nurse and can help establish a pattern of where and how quickly a virus is moving.

*When in doubt, overshare information. Often the school nurse is the last to know but the first to see your child in an emergency.

Please do not hesitate to dojo, email or call me with any concerns or questions you may have throughout the school year!

Thank you for allowing me the privilege to care for your child/children this year.

Nurse Jackson


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Safety News

Independence Safety Update IDES was recognized at the beginning of the year as the top rated safe school in the Rock Hill School District. We are so proud of our school and this wonderful accomplishment. Each school receives points for conducting monthly safety drills (ie. Fire, Emergency Lockdown, Tornado, etc) and schools can receive extra points for performing extra safety tasks. For being named the best “safe school” in the district, we were awarded a financial gift to purchase safety related items for the school. Please encourage your students to take all safety drills seriously and to pay close attention to school staff during drills to ensure we keep everyone safe! Please follow our successes on our school’s social media accounts: FACEBOOK, TWITTER, and INSTAGRAM!
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Fall in LOVE with READING!

Find ways to read, write, and tell stories together with your child. Always applaud your young reader and beginning story writer! The tips below offer some fun ways you can help your child become a happy and confident reader. Try a new tip each week. See what works best for your child.

Tell family tales- Children love to hear stories about their family. Talk about a funny thing that happened when you were young.

Create a writing toolbox- Fill a box with drawing and writing materials. Find opportunities for your child to write, such as the shopping list, thank you notes, or birthday cards.

Be your child's #1 fan- Ask your child to read aloud what he or she has written for school. Be an enthusiastic listener.

Create a book together- Fold pieces of paper in half and staple them to make a book. Ask your child to write sentences on each page and add his or her own illustrations.

Do storytelling on the go- Take turns adding to a story the two of you make up while riding in a car or bus. Try making the story funny or spooky.

Point out the relationship between words- Explain how related words have similar spellings and meanings. Show how a word like knowledge, for example, relates to a word like know.

Use a writing checklist- Have your child create a writing checklist with reminders such as, "Do all of my sentences start with a capital? Yes/No."

Quick, quick- Use new words your child has learned in lively flash card or computer drills. Sometimes these help kids automatically recognize and read words, especially those that are used frequently.

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Mark Your Calendars

1 PBIS Pep Rally 1pm-2pm- Hornets Book Bus

2 National Custodian Day

3 Fire Trucks for Kindergarten 8:30-9:30 am

4 Bag Lunches/School Play at SPHS for K-4th grades/Patriot Day

8 PTA and SIC

9 Fall Picture Day

11 Pink Out Day for Breast Cancer Awareness

11 PTA Bingo Night 6pm to 8pm

14 Columbus Day

18 End of First Nine weeks/College Day

21 Teacher PD Day- Fall Conferences

23 Red Ribbon Week Begins

24 5th Grade to RHHS for Play

25 Grade Level Tribe Day

31 Red Ribbon Week Ends/ Halloween/Wear Orange and Black

Reminders to Parents