Cultural Awareness

Work in groups of 3

Starting working on this ahead of time as your group will present the progress to the instructor. (Dates: TBA)

Las universidades en Latinoamérica y España

Step 1

Look for 1 university in Spanish speaking countries that offers a program similar to the one you are studying (or want to study) at UMBC.

Write a general description of your findings about the University system in general and your career or field in particular.

For example, try to find information about:

  • The admission’s process

  • Requirements for graduation

  • Grading system

  • Number of credits or subjects in the program

Websites that you might find useful (you can also use other websites )

Step #2

Depending on the information you’ve found choose at least 5 different aspects to compare with your own experience at UMBC or other American Universities or Colleges.

Here are some examples of points you might want to discuss/compare and write about (feel free to come up with new ones)

  • How demanding is the program (major) in comparison to the one at UMBC or other American Universities or Colleges?

  • How long does it take on average to complete the major?

  • How would your university life be like (Where would you live? Would you work and study? Would you have to pay?)

  • Do you expect the student body to be culturally diverse?

  • What extra curricular activities do students participate in?

  • Do they have university sponsored sport teams?

Due date

Thursday, June 9th, 9am


Bring an outline of the first part of the project. (No Spanish summary required)

Step #3

Browse the articles listed below: You will gain insight about different perspectives on how Latin American students perceive their educational systems. After reading, you should try to identify the set of values that these different perspectives take into account to define what constitutes quality of education in Latin America.


After reading the articles, consider the following topics for your oral presentation.

1) What do students value in Latin America? (e.g. no tuition, prestige) Do you think that you consider any of those aspects when considering your educational/ career choices in the USA?

2 ) Some of the readings focus on the debate of public vs. private education in Latin America. How different or similar is this conversation about education as a human right or as consumption good in the United States? What is your take about such debate?

3. Based on your readings, If you were to embark into a study abroad program in Spain, Mexico, Argentina or Chile, What would your criteria be to choose a University? Why?

Due date

Thursday, June 16th, 9am


Bring an outline of the second part of your project. (Spanish summary required)


Prepare 5-minute presentation taking into account the proposed questions on steps 1,2,3 &4.

Your presentations MUST HAVE a summary in Spanish.

Due date