Daily life in Mesoamerica

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In the aztec culture is the heart of the Empire the agriculture and they used chinampas for their crops. They made small rectangular areas on the sallow lake beds in the Mexican valley. They often find islands that provide reach in soil and in waterr, so theylittle channels to go thorugh canoe. The most common crop grown by the aztecs was the corn, because it could be store by a long period of time and it keeps the same shape and flavour. Squash was another crop that the Aztecs commonly farmed. One of the challenges from the farmers was retaining nutrients in th soil where crops where planted.

Olmec rituals and beliefs!!!

The Olmeec culture is conidered the ¨Mother culture¨in Mesoamerica. From 1400 BC to 400 BC the culture of the Olmec flourish in the gulf of Mexico and that why its considered the ¨Mother Narture¨. Activities in the religion of the Olmecs were mainly done by the priest and the rulers, wich were considered relatives to supernatural beings and of the deities of the Olmecs. The majority of the beliefs of the Olmecs was paintad by a researcher and the historians though out the religion were mainly based on a jaguar god.

Mixtec languages and food!!!

The Mixtecan language are a closley group Oto-manguean that is talked by half a million of persons in the Mexican states of Oaxaca, Puebla and Guerrero, and in California in the USA. The name mixtec is a nahuatl world that means clouud of inhabitants and the native name means word of the rain. The Mixtecs commonly eat what they farm, like crops, maize, fruits, vegetables, etc.... With the food they farmed they feed their families most of the time.
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Maya clothing

There is not a very specific thing the maya wear like in ancient times. They dont war a specific cloth because the enviroment they lived, like the codices, the cloth has rotted away. The maya made them clodes of bark cloth, hemp fiber and cotton as maerials for their clothing. The women used a large dress and tend to made a very complicated hairstyle, mean while man clothes were commonly a turban. Maya like to made clothes of animal skin too.