8th Grade

Technology Class

You will learn lots of new things this 8th grade Technology class. Some of them can be funner that others. But, it is important for you to learn about all of them. I will show you some of them.

Digital Citizenship

Now that you are in 8th grade you are expected to know the concepts of Digital Citizenship. With your partner you need to create a cartoon or video that explains clearly an elementary student one of the concepts your teacher will assign you.
What is Digital Citizenship?


You will use spreadsheets in drive to learn how to do percentages, filters, graphs, average, IF function, etc.


Screencastify is an extension to the Google Chrome browser that lets you very quickly and simply record what's going on in either a single 'Tab' or your complete desktop, including audio.

The extension itself is very easy to use and there aren't a lot of options to configure. Once installed you simply click the extension icon and click record. Once you have finished you can click stop. You will elaborate your own tutorial.


WeVideo is the leading online video creation platform for video editing, collaboration, and sharing across any device. You will make your own video in technology.
Creating and Editing video using WeVideo

Google Sites

Google Sites is a free application from Google to build websites for different purposes quickly and easily, without special skills or complex software. You will create your website to an imaginary company or business to promote your products and services through the Internet, using catalogs, photographs, videos, presentations or maps.
Introduction to Google Sites


Wikispaces/Networking, LucidChart /Networking, Google Maps, Flow Charts, Stage 1& 2: Intro to Computer Sciences-Binary Code, Computational Thinking, Khan Academy, Variables Khan, Review Spreadsheets, Blogs, Pixlr, Smore