Summer vacation at London

By Lior Shoham


London is by far the largest city in England and the United Kingdom. 10.9 million people live in London, which is on the River Thames. It is the capital of the United Kingdom and England.

London is one of the world's most important cities for business, finance, and politics. It is also important for culture: media, entertainment, fashion, and art.

in London you can find museums galleries theaters and more ...

and there are alot of types of restaurants some of them are very cool.

There are many attractions in London.

In the video there are a few attractions.

Science Museum,History Museum שמג Wax Museum.

And some of the most famous museums can enter for free!

somthing famous in london is buckingham palace.

Buckingham Palace has 700 rooms and over 1,000 windows

If you want to go to a bad place to have the London Dungeon and the london bridge experience.

and the london eye with his beautiful vieo.

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