Year 5 Newsletter

Friday 29th January 2016

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Welcome to the Year 5 newsletter!

Sports Day!

A big thank you to all the parents who wrapped up warm and donned their waterproofs to help us out on Sports Day! The polar vortex and potential rain didn't deter the Kennedy spirit, but sadly the weather conditions were just not on our side this time. We will of course be in touch if we are able to arrange another date. The staff and children really appreciate your smiles, kind words and unfailing support when difficult decisions like this have to be made at the last minute. Thank you!

Unit of inquiry

'Where We Are In Place And Time'

Central Idea: Evidence of past civilisations can be used to make connections to the present day societies.

The children have been using a range of skills to collaboratively research, analyse, collate and present their understandings of an ancient civilisation in preparation for the summative task for this unit. Next week, the children will have the opportunity to share their GoogleSlide presentations with their peers.

In addition, the children have been thinking creatively to share their knowledge in alternative ways. We have seen some excellent examples including :

Language - narrative story writing using an ancient civilisation as a setting

Maths - 3D model making linked to our unit on shape
Arts - drama skits, clay and Plasticine models, paintings and various other artwork

5D's amazing assembly!!! The children are still buzzing about it!


We are continuing with our units in Mathematics on Multiplication & Division, and Shape & Space.

After the Chinese New Year holidays, the children will be applying their knowledge of place value and the four operations in a new unit on Fractions, Decimals, Percentages and Ratio.

Here are the learning objectives:

  • Read, write, compare and order common fractions and decimal fractions to hundredths or beyond
  • Understand the relationship and convert between common fractions and decimal fractions
  • Simplify fractions to the lowest common denominator
  • Model, read, write and compare improper fractions and mixed numbers
  • Model, read, write and compare percentages understanding them as the number of parts in every 100
  • Model and solve simple problems involving ratio and proportion
  • Model and solve simple problems involving fractions

Please do take every opportunity to talk to your children about fractions, decimals and percentages in the real world. Money and the January sales are a great way to look at decimals and percentages. Cooking is great for fractions and ratio, particularly when changing the number of portions in recipes.


We started our third rotation of Games this week. The new rotations are:

Dragons - Hockey

Lions - Athletics

Pheonix - Netball

Unicorns - Rugby


Children playing rugby are strongly recommended to wear a pre-moulded mouth guard to every session. Children playing hockey must wear a pre-moulded mouth guard, long socks and shin pads to every session. All available from the PTA!

Important Dates:

- 2nd February, 6:00-7:30pm - Chinese New Year show for parents of performers

- 5th February, CPD Day, school closure

- 6th - 14th February - Chinese New Year holidays

- Monday 15th February - Term 2 resumes