The Road To Annexation

Have the natives been consulted?


Without Pres. Cleveland, Pres. Harrison, and minister John L stevens the overthrow of the hawaiian kingdom wouldnt have happened.

Historical Significance

If it wasnt for these 3 people the annexation of Hawaii wouldn’t have been possible. In the long run this event made it possible for Hawaii to become a state of Hawaii and also brought in a lot of other cultures into Hawaii. This topic is important in history because it tells us about the events that had happened to the kingdom of Hawaii and who were responsible.

Is Hawaii Leagally and Lawfuly A State Of The Union

In my opinion Hawaii is not legally and lawfully a state of the union. It is not because all the actions that had taken place for Hawaii to become a territory were illegal. It couldn’t even become a territory because the natives didn’t want it and the joint resolution they created was only supposed to effect what happens inside their own country not another country.

supplement information

Below are 3 pictures during the annexation of Hawaii. During this day The United states has lowered the Hawaiian flag, put up the American flag and had the whole annexation ceremony in front if the iolani palace, the former home of the Hawaiian monarchy. This was the day that Hawaiians knew that there was no hope for the monarchy to return. They knew it was over.


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