Mobile Apps for Education

5 Decent Apps for use in a Classroom


Kindle is great for accessing textbooks and other readings related to the class from most mobile devices. Kindle has a wide selection of to choose from. On top of having many free titles, Kindle edition eBook textbooks and books can be substantially cheaper than paperback and even other eBooks.
Duolingo is one of the best free (and premium) language learning programs out there. It's easy to use and effective while still remaining fun. Duolingo also has a classroom setting which allows teachers to track the progress of all their students in one place.
Duolingo Intro


TED talks are a great way to get students interested in educational topics. The TED app grants students access to hundreds of different topics which will get them engaged in smart ideas.


AnkiDroid is a mobile version of the popular Anki flashcard platform. You can create your own deck of flashcards, or download and use a shared deck. The app is easy to use and an asset to anyone who uses flashcards as a studying method.
An introduction to AnkiDroid v2.5


WolframAlpha is the ultimate educational search engine. The app can cover a variety of subjects, from maths to sciences to statistics and demographics. WolframAlpha is easy to use and smart.
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