The history and evolution

The first Parachute

The first idea of a parachute came from the man we all praise for his genius, Leonardo da Vinci. The idea came to him around 1485 for a "tent roof" that would allow someone to fall from a great distance safely.

Different types of "tent roofs"

Today parachutes have many improvements including the one that most people believe is a mistake, the vent. The vent is a small hole near the apex of the parachute that inhibits the severe oscillations that formed in the canopy.

The use of Da' Vinci's great invention

The parachute today is used to escape planes, helicopters, deliver supplies to troops, to para-drop troops into the front lines and balloons that have been critically damaged. Some parachutes today are used for recreational use such as parasailing. And today the parachute has seemed to reach the pinnacle of its existence with different designs affecting speed, maneuverability, and weight.

"tent roofs" and their Improvements

Tent roofs started out as rudimentary devices until the innovations began. Some of the major improvements involved the style of a backpack in 1919 that had a chute that was deployed manually by a rip cord, a hole in the top of the chute in 1797, the vent, that prevented severe oscillations in the canopy.

The Parachute

The parachute is a life saving device that is used during travel across the world. During any type of aerial transportation you're sure to find one. Throughout their long history parachutes have saved millions of brave pilots and saved their families from the grief of losing a loved one in service to our country. This has had an immensely positive on our culture throughout the world with no downside. Because only a madman would want to see more blood spilled.


Had to determine how much surface area was needed to allow the user to fall safely and what altitude was needed for the chute to fully unfold.


Scientists discovered Da' Vinci's notes about the parachute and determined what his invention's intention was.


Used small scale tests to determine which materials would make the best parachute.


Had to build a release system for the chute and make sure the packaging was tangle free.

Change for the better

In my honest opinion the parachute has developed into a wonderful invention that saves millions of lives. However it could be lighter and possibly make room for some emergency rations and a gps or radio to make calling for help much easier.