Restaurant Owner


It takes determination and dedication to open a restaurant and get involved in the food business this way but it takes more than that to own a profitable establishment. A restaurant owner needs to know either how to cook signifigant dishes, or understand business and promotion to make their restaurant excel. A restaurant owner maybe have to perform common daily tasks. Another way is that the owner has enough money to hire professionals who will succeed in the running of the restaurant.

The average salary of a restaurant owner in 2009 was a little over 23,000 dollars but can be exceeded with an exceptional restaurant

Restaurant Owner Education

Education is really beneficial but not required.Knowledge of the culinary arts would definitely help along with an understanding of business operations and promotionbut with money, property, and inventoryanyone can be a restaurant owner.


Johnson & Wales university- Culinary Arts                                                                                  Boston University- Culinary Arts                                                                                                 Devry University- Business

A restaurant owner is self employed and can find work almost anywhere but location does matter in the success of a business