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Learning a lesson from our friend, the chocolate lab!

As we explored new territory this month through the world of screen-casts it was important to have a constant reminder of the magic of perseverance. We used "the chocolate lab," as our reminder and reference when we ran into trouble.
Clever Dog Carries Big Stick Over Narrow Bridge

Screencasting Adventures

This month we dove into creating screencasts with a focus on animals in non-fiction texts. We familiarized ourselves with the app Explain Everything through a short introduction of ourselves where we learned to record, write, draw, insert photos, and edit those photos. Then we moved forward into our Explain Everything Blueprint and focused on why it is important to have a plan. After the collection of all of our facts and a strategic screencast plan in place, the creation began! The final screencasts are in the last stages of production and will be ready to publish and export shortly!
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Technical Talk

Here are a lot of the terms you will hear used in the LRC. Students are very familiar with instructional language as well as the academic vocabulary when using devices.
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Monarch Books and Pic Collage!

Primary students have become absolute PROS in the app PicCollage. Students have been working hard at finding the letters for words on their iPad keyboards whether it is beginning letter sounds or spelling full words. They have been creating collages that show their skills in cutting, changing background colors, inserting text, changing the fonts, and colors of their text. They have also been organizing photos and putting them into categories on PicCollage. Every collage they have made has tied to one of the 2016 Monarch Award nominees!

Moving Forward...

Thank you to staff and volunteers for your support of the 21st Century Library we are cultivating day by day at Mill Street.
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