Children's rights

Mishelle .S

All the children around the world have these Rights :

1) The right to be happy .
2) The right to be loved .
3) The right to be protected .
4) The right for privacy .
5) the right to be healthy (medical care) .
6) The right to do what you love .

7) The right to be wrong .
8) The right for food .
9) the right to study .
10) the right to be respeced .

My Call ! :

Children need to live life and to learn , not to be slaves .

Global Friendship :

Global Friendship is a diffrent communication than how we usallytend to think . This friendship most likely to be over the Internet between two people or more (group) . They can live miles away from eachother and can speak diffrent languages , but still they can communicate and learn from eachother - what he\she eats , what they do everyday and more . The internet offers many ways to translate languages​​, etc , so there's no problem to communicate .

Iqbal Masih's slavery story :

When Iqbal was four years old , his Parents sold him to slavery . He worked up to 12 hours every single day . He was getting beaten, abused, and chained to his loom . He "lived life" for too long being a slave in a carpet factory .