Miss Referente's Class Newsletter

Week of May 8-12

"Outerspace and Changes"

Dear Parents/Guardians,

This week we talked about space and change in seasons. We talked about the weather and how the weather changes.

We reviewed patterns and made pattern space headbands. We talked about patterns in our clothes, patterns in objects and patterns around us. We talked about making simple and complex patterns. Pattern recognition is the ability to identify repeating symbols within a given context. A person's ability to recognize, repeat, and complete patterns is essential to understanding the world. Society itself consists of many patterns, so students must be able to recognize them on their own. Teaching pattern recognition early on helps improve students' ability to adapt to changing patterns in the real world.

We played ‘read it, slap it’. This game focused on engaging in pre-reading skills. We placed 3 letter word cards on the table face up and teachers would play “I Spy” with the cards on the table and friends would decipher which word the teacher was saying and slap the card. Some friends were able to read words by recognizing the first consonant sound. Some friends were able to read the entire word by sounding out each letter. Some friends practiced only with letter tiles, identifying letters. Some friends used pictures and letters to match and identify with the teacher. These games improve pre-reading skills that are essential. Skills such as letter identification, story sequence, sorting based on details and matching letters and sounds build a solid base for learning to read. Using games to improve these skills gives friends an entertaining and engaging format for practice. Reading games work well anywhere. Memorizing sight words helps friends with their early reading skills. Sight word games give friends a chance to practice the basic sight words in an entertaining format. The repetitive use of the sight words makes them familiar. Friends can then recognize the words in written text.

We played an ‘Alphabet/Shape Constellation’ game and used letters and shapes on the board and a flashlight to identify letters. We pretended to be astronomers and turned out the lights, looking for letters in the night with our flashlight. Some friends were able to flash the light on letters when given the sound, some when asked for the letter, some when given words that have the same beginning sounds. Some friends flashed the light on shapes that were put up there too. Letter recognition activities provide friends the opportunity to learn the letters of the alphabet in a fun, engaging way. By providing many different ways to practice the letters, your child will be better able to recognize them. Letter recognition is an important step in preparing your child for reading and writing.

We went to the library and she read We Are In a Book By Mo Willems about an elephant and pig discover they are in a book and enjoy being read.

Ms. Jeanne Hammel, the story came to visit. She told a silly story about a buying a purple hat, but was mailed a rat, bat, cat, etc. instead. She focused on rhyming words!

Finally, we made rocket ship fruit kabobs. We talked about the shape and pattern of our fruit kabob, using bananas, strawberries and melon.

Books we read:

There's No Place Like Space! By Tish Rabe

ABC Universe an American Museum of Natural History book

Happy Birthday, Moon By Frank Asch

Ideas for Home:

-Read, Read, Read!

-Visit the Perot Museum.

-Spend time looking at the stars outside at night. Pretend to find constellations.

Word of the Week:

Astronomy – the scientific study of the universe (planets, sun, stars, moon, etc.).

Next Week's Word of the Week:

Environmentalist - any person who works to protect the air, water, animals, plants, and other natural resources from pollution or its effects.

Dates to Remember: (also check your Beaty Gazette for more info):

May 29 – NO SCHOOL

June 1 – End of the year party - Please donate $3.00 to help make the party a success!

AM: 9:55-10:40am

PM: 2:10-2:55pm

As always, if you have any questions, comments or concerns, please feel free to email or call me!

Have a great weekend!

Outer Space: "We are the Planets," The Solar System Song by StoryBots


-fake flowers or plastic vases for pretend garden

-pretend clothes (for boys, flower girl/princess dresses)