Fall Registration is Now Open!

Booking Instructions, Pricing Updates, & Policy Updates

TA&A Studio Calendar: August 2021 - July 2022

Click above to view our updated Studio Calendar for the upcoming School of Music Year.

Registration is Now Fully Open to All Current, Returning & New Students!

Parents & Students,

I'm pleased to report that we have confirmed all teacher schedules and readied them in the MyMusicStaff Student Portal for you!

All student accounts now have access to the Fall Registration Calendar.

As always, LESSON TIMES DO NOT CARRY OVER FROM SUMMER AND/OR SPRING - YOU MUST REGISTER FOR A OPEN TIME SPOT. We do not assume that any student is continuing.

All lesson time slots are available on a first come, first serve basis. We encourage you to Act Swiftly as time slots during Prime Time Hours (3:30 - 6:30 pm) will go quickly!

Update (07/12/21): Space is NOW LIMITED for most Teachers. We will have a Wait List available for those wishing to stay with their existing teacher. Wait Listed Students will be offered lesson times as they become available on a First In, First Out basis.

Below you will find important updates (Pricing, Policies, & Protocols) for our Studio and instructions on how to book your Fall Lesson Time.

If at any point you need assistance, please email us at scheduling@texasampsandaxes.com or give us a call at (469) 296-6007.

Musically Yours,

Iris Meneley

Studio Director & Owner

Fall 2021 - Spring 2022 Lesson Pricing

1 on 1 Weekly Lessons:

30 Minute Lesson: $37.00 per lesson (Average monthly cost: $148)

45 Minute Lesson: $51.00 per lesson (Average monthly cost: $204)

60 Minute Lesson: $65.00 per lesson (Average monthly cost: $260)

Every Other Week Lessons:

30 Minute Lesson: $45.00 per lesson

45 Minute Lesson: $60.00 per lesson

60 Minute Lesson: $75.00 per lesson

Family Sessions:

45 Minute Private Group Lesson: $30/person/lesson

60 Minute Private Group Lesson: $40/person/lesson

Discount Available:

10% Off Lesson Cost of Additional Family Members (Immediate Family Only)

10% Off Lesson Cost for Educators, First Responders, & Military. ID Must be provided to Scheduling Coordinator to receive discount.

15% Off Lesson Cost when Semester paid in Advance.

Important Reminders of Studio Policies & Procedures

Invoices are released on the 1st of each month for registered lessons occurring for that month. Example: August lessons will be invoiced and charged on August 1st.

A Card on File is REQUIRED for all accounts and will be used for Auto-Draft payments on the 1st of each month.

A $10 Late Fee will be added to any account NOT PAID IN FULL by the 10th of each month and your lesson time may be forfeited.

SAME DAY CANCELLATIONS ARE BILLABLE and NOT ELIGIBLE for a make up session. Use the Student Portal to Cancel lessons in Advance.

Lessons cancelled in advance will be credited on the NEXT invoice or can be rescheduled based on teacher availability.

Every Other Week Lessons will only be available BEFORE 3:30 PM or AFTER 6:30 PM.

Studio Newsletters containing important details on upcoming breaks, events, and programs are released on the 1st Monday of the month at 12 PM. Please make sure you review these!

Questions pertaining to scheduling, should be emailed to Gaela, our Scheduling Director, at scheduling@texasampsandaxes.com.

Questions pertaining to invoicing/billing, should be emailed to Iris, our Studio Director, at invoicing@texasampsandaxes.com.

Questions for your teacher, should be sent to info@texasampsandaxes.com with the Teacher's name in the subject line. You can also email them directly through the Student Portal using the Practice Log.

School of Music Office Hours: Monday to Friday 2:30 PM to 8:30 PM, Saturday 11:30 AM to 5:30 PM.

Instructions for Booking Your Fall Lesson Time Slot

All lesson times should be reserved using the MyMusicStaff Student Portal.

Step 1 - Login to the Student Portal (If you do not know your login info, please email or call studio for a password reset)

Step 2 - Navigate to the Calendar. (Found on the Menu on the left side of the screen)

Step 3 - Use the Arrows beside the Date Range to Navigate to the week of 8/8/2021 - 8/14/2021

Step 4 - Scroll Down to Review Open Lesson Times for Your Teacher (Reminder: If you are booking a 45 or 60 Minute lesson time, please locate 2 back to back times and reserve BOTH)

Step 5 - Locate the Open Time Slot on the Day & Time you'd like to Reserve for August 9th, 2021 to May 28, 2022. Click on that time and select the Register Button. If you need a delayed start date, please book the day and time that works moving forward and email scheduling@texasampandaxes.com with the requested start date.

Step 6 - A Pop Up Menu will Appear asking you to confirm Registration. If everything looks correct, select Register.

Step 7 - Navigate to Profile Settings (Small Down Arrow Beside Student Name located above Calendar).

Step 8 - Confirm/Add Account a Card on File for Monthly Auto-Draft. Select Add Card under Payment Options. (Reminder: All students are REQUIRED to have a card on file that will be used on the 1st of each month for Auto-draft payment of that month's lessons.) A Card on File Must be added within 7 days of booking your time slot to avoid lesson time forfeiture.

Step 9 - Ensure Account Balance is PAID IN FULL. (Accounts NOT paid in full by July 25th will forfeit registered time slot)


Video Walk-Thru for Registering in MyMusicStaff

Please note that this video walk-through mentions our 2020 school year, please utilize a calendar start date of August 9th, 2021.

Also, you will only need to hit Register on the first week of lessons. The option to Register for All Occurrences is not enabled this time as our team will be manually updating registrations as they come in to ensure accuracy.

Registration in MMS Student Portal

Semester Migration FAQ

Click on the image for details on migrating between Semesters with us. As a reminder, our studio observes 2 Semesters, Fall to Spring and Summer.

School of Music Management Team

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