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Give my life to save yours.

10 Rules for a Utopian Society

1. Make sure what the majority of what the people want is priority

2. Equality for all people

3. Democratic government

4. Safe environment

5. Punishment for unnecessary violence

6. Fair chance for justice for everyone

7. Provide money for those in need

8. Freedom of choice

9. Ability to amend laws when needed

10. Love is most important

Blog Post - Ideals of Freedom

As a citizen in this country, I have many freedoms including the freedom of press and freedom of assembly. These freedoms allow me to express my feelings as well as do what I want to do (to a certain extent). My favorite freedoms are probably freedom of speech and freedom of religion. These two freedoms allow me to have and express my values. I think that being able to say what you want is important because without it, no one would have any opinions that would make this country the country that it is. Thanks to different freedoms, it creates the type of government the country rules by and sets the main standards for the society, and what is considered right or wrong. When freedoms are not balanced among the citizens, country might become ruled by elites or might become a dictatorship. This can make a country fall apart because of the imbalance of freedom between the people in a civilization. Without freedom, people wouldn’t be able to express opinions the way they wanted to and could end democracy as a whole. Without being able to practice religion, say what people wanted to say, meet in groups, and many other freedoms, the country would be a boring place where society is all the same and there rarely is any difference between two people. Having unbalanced freedoms can also cause a dictatorship which can lead to a dystopian society making all of the citizens have no freedom or individuality which can ruin a society as a whole. If there were no freedoms people might start wanting to gain freedom and doing things to break the laws which might result in a civil was in the country against the citizens who want freedom and the citizens who support the government with this plan of brainwashing.

New Ending for a Chapter

New Ending for Part 2 Chapter 1

WInston waited for the brown haired girl to meet him. He watched as the prisoners walked by. Some prisoners vanished and were never seen again. He knew that an act as simple as waiting for the girl to come could have him imprisoned. He waited and waited and when he was about to leave, someone grabbed his arm. A lady with light brown hair and an aged face appeared in his vision.


He stood there staring awkwardly not understanding what was happening. At one point, he was waiting for the brown haired girl, who told her she loved him and no doubt, he loved her back. Now the next, Winston was standing eye to eye with his former wife. After realizing he was staring, he quickly looked away, not to draw any attention. They nodded at each other and went opposite directions, both forgetting the reason they were there in the first place.