Moppin Minute

September 19-23

Important Reminders

September 19: Data Leadership @ 3:30 (Bring AIMS and iReady reports for your grade level)

September 20: Board Meeting @ 7pm

September 21: Curriculum Day @ CO

September 22: Tier I @ 7:30; Teach Like A Pirate Book Club @ 3:30

Assessment Grid & Checklist...

Is your Assessment Grid & Math Checklist up to date? Those are non-negotiable expectations this school year. Are you using the information from them to drive instruction and re-teaching moments? If not, let me help you figure it out and make a plan! Make it a personal mission to work smarter not harder.

And Because We Need to Have a Laugh About Something...

Professional Development: It's BACK!

Fall Faculty/Staff Fun Event Results...

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We will make plans to have dinner together after school in the next month or so!