Making a Stop Motion Video

From Storyboarding to Post Production

Watch Stop Motion Example

"Laundry Day" Amazing stop motion animation

Animation Chefs Videos

Animation Chefs Lesson 1: Making Up a Story Video

The Chefs suggest that students use the plan below to begin to gather ideas for their videos.

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Animation Chefs Lesson 2: Sequencing Long Shots, Medium Shots and Close ups

Storyboarding with Index Cards

This allows students to rearrange the story in an easy to manage way. Once you have all of the pieces of the storyboard the next step is to decide where your camera will be for each shot.

Here is the Chefs's suggestion for locations:

Long shots are for settings.

Medium shots are for characters.

Close ups are for emotions.


Homemade iPad Stands for Filming

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Stop Motion Rubric

Stop Motion Menu