Hundred Days Offensive

August 8th- November 11th 1918

  • Located in France
  • The battle was a series of other major battles
  • Began with a French counter-attack
Hundred Days Offensive was the last period of the first World War and caused a series of battles against the Western Front. The battle was mainly to push the Germans out of France. The allies won the battle over the German army.

Anticdote from the Hundred Days Offensive

This story is a report on the opening of the spring battle 21-28 March 1918

There was about 8,159,000 troops fighting from the allies and around 3,562,000 fighting from the German side.

There was about 700,000 casualties from the allies and 760,000 from the Germans.

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Leaders from all sides

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George Lawrence Price

George Lawrence Price was soldier involved in the Hundred Days Offensive. He was a Canadian soldier who was killed in the last two minutes of the battle.

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