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Head of Elementary School Divison Highlights

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Dear Centennial Academy Families,

Quarter 2 is off to a great start! We have lots of activities taking place at Centennial Academy check out what's below for a quick glance at some of our upcoming events.

Oct. 29th:

  • Red Ribbon Week-Mindfulness Monday: Learn to be Kind to Yourself
Today we will help scholars develop healthy and appropriate coping and calming strategies. All scholars should wear their full uniform on this day.
  • Gifted program scholars Parent Day @ The Georgia Aquarium
  • Shrek Rehearsal Ensemble Cast ONLY- 4:00 pm-5:30 pm

Oct. 30th:

  • Red Ribbon Week-Joy and Playfulness Day: Have Tons of Fun!
Our scholars and teachers will engage in various music and movement brain breaks. Silliness, smiles, and joy help keep our minds and bodies strong!!! All scholars should wear their full uniform on this day.
  • GA Tech Horizon Program-3:30 pm-6:00 pm
  • Community Outreach (see below for additional details)

Oct. 31st:

  • Red Ribbon Week-Scare the Bad Choices Away
Everyone is encouraged to wear a Halloween costume to conclude our red ribbon week celebration. Shorts (non-uniform), short skirts, leggings/jeggings, and inappropriate tops are prohibited. Masks or any props/weapons are prohibited as well. Should you choose to wear your uniform you may accessorize it with jewelry, socks, and ties. Bandanas are strictly prohibited! If you choose not to participate you should be in school uniform.
  • Parade of Costumes
All classes K-4 will participate in our 1st annual Parade of Costumes

Nov. 1st:

  • Shrek Rehearsal Lead Cast - 4:00 pm-5:30 pm

Nov 4th:

  • Day Light Savings Time (remember to set your clocks back one hour)

Nov. 5th:

  • Shrek Rehearsal Ensemble Cast ONLY- 4:00 pm-5:30 pm

Nov. 6th:

  • GA Tech Horizon Program 3:30 pm - 6:00 pm

Nov. 7th:

  • Leadership Day
  • Academic Bowl District Competition
  • PTA Meeting 6:00 pm-7:30 pm

Nov. 8th:

  • Shrek Rehearsal Lead Cast - 4:00 pm-5:30 pm

Stay in tune with our social media outlets for additional information on each event.

Let’s take this journey to excellence together!

Ms. Keisha Blythers



MindFrame Competition Winners

MINDFRAME is a design-based problem-solving competition that gives scholars in grades 4-8 the opportunity to apply the content they are learning in the contexts of either engineering or art. By doing so, they can construct deep understandings of how this knowledge can be authentically used in their daily lives.

Grand Prize Elementary Winner: Visual Arts (Coach Allen, Coach Wells-Buckley, and 4th Grade Scholars)

- Lark Meadows, Lylah Schafer, Georgiana Madge, Josiah Davis, and Jalen Hagans

1st Place Engineering (Coach Jackson and 5th Grade Scholars)

- Celise Meadows, Jordynn Skinner, Jonathan Thompson, Victor Davis, Reagon Robinson

3rd Place Spoken Word (Coach Allen, Coach Wells-Buckley, and 4th Grade Scholars)

- Lark Meadows, Lylah Schafer, Georgiana Madge, Josiah Davis, and Jalen Hagans

Once again Centennial Academy showed up and showed out!!!

Our 1st Annual Literacy Pumpkin Walk votes are in...

Our main hallway is now decorated with beautiful and creative pumpkins centered around the classes favorite storybooks. The Literacy Walk was a fun and engaging activity that all classes participated in. Thank you, parents, for making it possible with all of the pumpkins you donated. We look forward to doing it again next school year! The scholars voted on their favorite pumpkin during the Literacy Pumpkin Walk this week and the votes are in. Check out the results below...

Jammin out at the Kindergarten, "On Time Dance Party"


Check out the R.A.C.E. strategy action in Mr. Jackson's 4th grade class


Let's Taco Bout Words...

Ms. Watson's kindergarten class hosted a Taco party to celebrate learning their sight words. The scholars created a poster with their favorite sight word on it. They presented their poster to their classmates and parents and used their word in a sentence. The posters were colorful and creative. Rock on Ms. Watson's class!

Figurative & Literal Great Hearts

The awesome fourth-grade team invited Mr. Mark Mooney from the American Heart Association to speak with our fourth-grade scholars about heart health. His visit correlated with their Wit & Wisdom module entitled, "A Great Heart." This module focused on the stories related to the circulatory system and how to have a healthy heart.
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Stay Connected

For more information on upcoming events at our school visit our website at the address below. If you like what you read in this week's Head of Elementary School's Highlights, tweet about it @CentennialAtl. Get Connected and Stay Connected to all of the amazing things happening at our school!