Mrs. Clark's First Grade

Notes from Room 508

Week one!

Howdy, sweet 'Rangler families! We are having an A-MAZ-ING time in First grade. This class is filled with sweet, kind, patient, and loving kiddos. Truly blessed to spend my days with these young ladies and gentlemen.

"Start as you mean to go..."

Practice makes perfect! This week, we have practiced following the rules and procedures of our classroom. Where do we hang our backpacks? How do we sit on the carpet? Where do my supplies belong? What is "Ready 'Rangler"? We've practiced it all. Multiple times. DOZENS of times! And, we're getting better and better each time! Giving kiddos CLEAR expectations from the start helps them be successful.

Learning is fun!

Me and You

We reviewed the sight words "me" and "you" by playing a game with a partner where we drew a word from a bag. If you drew the word "me", you had to say something about yourself. If you drew the word "you", your partner had to say something about themselves. I loved hearing the fun "facts" they shared!

Writer's and Reader's Workshop

We "launched" our Writer's and Reader's workshop times this week! In Writing, we learned about why writers write, practiced holding our pencils correctly, and discussed why it's important to write neatly/legibly. We also produced a "Beginning of the year writing sample" in which I'll save so we can really see your child's writing progress this year!

In Reading, we talked about the 3 ways to read a book (read the words, read the pictures, and re-tell a story you've read before) and practiced reading to ourselves. We are working on building STAMINA to read quietly/stay on task for longer durations of time.

Brain Breaks

All of this learning is hard work! We do some physical movement activities through out the day to give our brains a break and to get some of our wiggles out!
IMG 0228

And, finally...

Yep, I think this about sums it up!
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Parent Orientation

Please make plans to attend parent orientation on Tuesday, September 2 from 6-7:30. Child care will be provided for potty trained children ages 3+. If you cannot make it, I will be posting my presentation slide shows on the website below. Be sure to check that out! Additionally, I will have out the conference sign up sheet, snack volunteer sheet, and classroom party sheet.