Digital Footprint

By:Armando Amigon

Digital Footprint?

A digital footprint is a mark that is created on the Internet through one's use long term use of the Internet. Therefore,a digital footprint has great powers that can influence how people see you on the internet.
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  1. I use Twitter in order to keep up with friends, sports teams, colleges, and some famous people.
  2. As long as I use Twitter correctly and post the right things, Twitter is a great tool that will help improve my digital footprint since it will show my involvement on the Internet.
  3. My twitter tells very little about me since I hardly post things, but people may be able to learn more about if they see who I follow and who follows me.
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  1. I use YouTube in order to watch music videos, video game playthroughs, or funny skits.
  2. The main influence that YouTube has on my digital footprint is that it shows any videos that I may post on the site which broadens my digital footprint and allows for other people to see what I do in my life.
  3. YouTube displays a little bit of my character through the people I am subscribed to.
Hurdle Practice

YouTube video posted on my channel

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  1. I used Blogger in order to create a blog that showed my progress in making a video game.
  2. Blogger has helped give me a bigger digital footprint since it was updated every week for a couple of months and appears when someone googles my name.
  3. Due to this, Blogger is saying that I am interested in making a video game and that I am trying to work on that goal. Thus, showing a positive digital footprint.

Impact on Future?

Your digital footprint can vastly impact your future both in bad and good ways. Bad in the sense that if you post anything inappropriate or illegal it will remain on the Internet and when you are applying to college or for a job, the interviewer can see the things you posted and this can hinder your acceptance and damage your future. Good in the sense that if you are involved with school, in your community, or sports people can see what you were involved in and see that you do things other than just go home after school.

Improve my Digital Footprint

In order to improve my digital footprint I can join more clubs so that more results will appear if someone attempts to search my name or I could make my digital footprint one the sites I used bigger so that they will stand out more and attract more attention.

Most Important Thing About My Digital Footprint

Although I learned many things about my digital footprint this semester, the most important was that I should think before I post; that if it is something that I would not say in person or to family member that I should not post it on the Internet.


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