Green House Effect

By: Adam & Phillip

What Greenhouse Gases do in the atmosphere.

Greenhouse gasses get trapped beneath the Ozone layer, thus creating extra heat to radiate to earth and destruction to the Ozone layer.

3 Major Greenhouse Gases

0² - Oxygen

Co² - Carbon Dioxide

O³ - Ozone

Where do Greenhouse Gases come from.

O² - Oxygen comes from the photosynthesis of plants

CO² - Carbon Dioxide comes from motors, burning oil or coal, and humans

O³ - Ozone is formed by elements reacting to result in O³

Pros and Cons


  • CO² levels are rising, thus allowing for higher rates of plant growth
  • More dense rain forest with better life sustainability


  • Economic Disaster
  • Global Warming
  • Sea Level Rising

What would happen if levels of O² were different?

Higher- The risk of combustion is greatly increased with much faster and hotter burning fire.

Lower- Many different types of animals respire through the intake of oxygen. With lower levels of O² those organisms would die. Most of these organisms also exhale carbon dioxide. After CO² is no longer being emitted, plant life will also die.

What would happen if levels of CO² were different?

Higher- Earth would be extremely hot, killing off many different species.

Lower- Earth would be extremely cold, causing a new ice age.

What would happen if levels of O³ were different?

Higher- Humans could not survive without vitamin D. Ozone can block vitamin D and other useful resources from the suns UV rays.

Lower- To much UV radiation would reach us and kill us.

Global warming... What is it?

Global warming is the rise in the average temperature of the earth's atmosphere and oceans. This is generally due to the rise of carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere. One of the reasons that CO² is rising, is due to human activity.

Global warming... Good or Bad?

Global warming has several good effects, however, the good effects are far outweighed by the bad. For example, acidic rain, rising seas, or melting glaciers.

Polar Bears

Polar bears are one of the many animals that are greatly affected by global warming. This is due to the melting of glaciers. They are rapidly losing their habitat. They are rapidly dying off and are being forced to forage for shelter. They are having trouble hunting. The average adult has dropped 15% in weight from last generations averages.