Do utopian society's really exist?

Tori Baxter

Reasons why utopian societies do not exist.

If everyone were to go to the hair salon and come out with the same hair cut and style and the same hair color it would go against a lot of people's beliefs about short hair and colored hair.

Imagine if people besides our parents or gardians made decisions for us.

A utopian can not exist because nobody has the same beliefs.

The giver showed Jonas the tape of his father releasing the twin newborns.

"He killed it! My father killed it!" Jonas said to himself
Jonas didn't believe that what they have his father do is ok or right.

In addition in matched the red tablets make them not be able to dream.

"I climb into bed and push away the thoughts of the red tablet. For the first time on my life, I'm allowed to dream of Xander. "
Cassia's been in love with Xander since they were children but she new it was wrong and she couldn't tell anyone or she'd be punished; because they were not matched up yet.