DKA Appreciations!

Integrity, Diligence, Civility... w/c 9th November 2015


At Dixons Kings, we live by our core values. Integrity is always doing the right thing and keeping true to your moral principles. Diligence is the necessity of giving attention to detail in order to avoid error and overcome obstacles. Finally, Civility is about showing everyone consideration and respect. Our appreciations newsletter celebrates the members of our academy family who exhibit these values and climb the mountain to success. We also champion the family members who, during their climb, have shown themselves to be unique, ambitious and creative.


Family Members of the week - 9th November 2015:

Year 7

Huzaifah Bismillah 7.7 - He is always incredibly enthusiastic in History and puts in fantastic effort. He is also very courteous during family dining always willing to help everyone.

Zaynab Dad 7.2 - Very supportive in family dining. She not only helps her own table, but is the first to respond if a teacher or student from another table asks for help.

Year 8

Ibrahim Shaffi - Working consistently hard throughout lessons.

Aliyah Khan - Working consistently hard, focusing and concentrating at all times.

Year 9

Subhaan Hussain – Transformed behaviour and diligence in lessons.

Year 10

Yousaf Qamar - Settled in very well and has shown extreme diligence in Spanish exams.

Hannah Hussain - For showing great diligence in her work and very civil during class.

Year 11

Hamza yasin – Performance in climbing. Part of his GCSE practical assessment in PE.

Junaid Mahmood – Participating in a sailing club to extend his life experiences and to contribute to his PE GCSE practical.

The Climb... Events @ DKA

Welcome Back Everyone!

The academy re-opened on Monday 2nd November after a two week break. All staff and students are rested and ready to get back to learning!

National Poetry Day!

On Thursday 8th October, students and staff at DKA celebrated National Poetry Day in style! The theme for this year was 'Light'. Some students brought in their favourite poems to share and some even wrote their own poems. A competition was held by the school library to write a poem about science or light (or both!) - we will announce the winner soon and publish their poem here!

Two diligent and brave students read out poems during morning line up and this almost moved some members of staff to tears; such is the power of poetry!

Mr Nixon, the school librarian, also gave a special performance of a number of poems during year 7 lunch time. Part of the performance is below!

Photographs of the wonderful day are below!


Staff who have been appreciated by students or their colleagues

Mr Jeram – whenever there is an IT issue in one of the IT suites, Bobby always comes and helps out. He never refuses and does the job with a smile. Very helpful.

Mrs Sutton – always does the printing/photocopying even if its given in the last minute. Always does the job with a smile.


Diligence – Miss Shah for the exemplar year 11 Biology SOW that she has written and shared with the department

Integrity - Miss Mahmood for conducting intervention classes for physics in year 11

Civility – Mr Farooq for ensuring lower ability students are well supported in his classes by carefully planning questions.

Mr McManus – For being really supportive and helpful to his colleagues


Science Stars of the Week

Year 7 – Areeg Naseem

Year 8 – Mohammed Danyal Nazam

Year 9 – Sara Ali

Year 10 – Ikra Hussain

Year 11 – Musa Ashraf

MFL Stars of the Week!

Miss Labella - Lina Armani Y11 for consistently being diligent in Spanish to improve her work

Miss Boutonnet - Haseeb Ahmed Y8 for showing integrity and diligence in Spanish lessons. A great start to year 8!

Miss Evans - Hateeja Rani Y11 for her diligence in preparing for her controlled assessment. Well done!

Miss Bowley - Ikra Ibrar Y11 for her diligence in French which has helped her to make great progress!

Mrs Adeniji - Usamah Hussain Y11 for achieving A* in his reading and listening exams. He's made excellent progress!

Miss Hickey - Shafiur Rahman Y10 for his excellent written work in Spanish

English - Stars of the week

Mr Smith's Stars of the week:

Simrah Rubani - Year 9

Rose Alicia Patel - Year 8

Amna Khan - Year 8

Ismail Ahmed - Year 7

Miss Knowles stars of the week

Harris Hussain in 7.7 - he was brilliant being interviewed in the hot seat pretending to be an escaped monkey!

Siraj Khan in Year 10 – excellent poetry mock exam.

Ibtisam Khanum in Year 9 – excellent all round effort and quality work.

Khizar Bahadur and Nicou Youseffi both in Year 11 – excellent mock exams on Of Mice and Men.

ICT Stars of the Week

Sara Ali, Maryam Patel, Sumayyah Kara & Hanna Hussain - always do an excellent job in doing a stock count every Friday with no mistakes!

Juwairiah Nasar & Gamaledden Elazhari – demonstrating high quality IT skills in the database task!

Two Claps on Three!

To show our appreciation, we give our family members 'two claps on three'. Here are year 7 demonstrating it!


Family Dining

We are very proud that our year 7 students dine together every day. Family dining gives students a chance to demonstrate integrity, diligence and civility while eating together with their tutors. They serve each other; clean up together and get a chance to talk about their journey up the mountain of success!