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Details Of The Lucky Dog CL

The specifications of the product

This product is designed in steel with metallic color. The dimensions of the product are 180 inches and 60 inches for overall. The weight of the product is about 11.1 pounds. The size of the product is 5 x 5 x 15 inches and 10 x 10 inches. This dog run is structured with open on top. Then, it comes with a square corner run cable offers excellent info on this.

The goodness of the product

This product provides clear assembly instructions and it is made will all the parts with clear marks. Besides that, it is easy to put the structure together. Then, it is very sturdy product and the durable one. This product is guaranteed as the good quality dog run and the price is very fairly. Then, the square corner design will leave a streamlined look. It also prevents the dangerous sharp pieces of steel chain link which are sticking out. Besides the whole dog run is strong, the lock is also durable and works well. It ensures that the dog will be safe in the dog run.

The weakness of the product

When we buy this dog run, we will need to assemble the product by ourselves. We also can read the instructions to help us. Unfortunately, it will take a long time to build it totally. We need to pay attention to the steel wire ties too. It is because they are hard to work with. It will add to the time-consuming nature of the assembly process. We also should aware that the box which contains the product is shipped is heavy.

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