Welcome to Carson Graham Secondary

A quick guide to communications at our school

Accessing the carsongraham.ca domain & apps

The first step in getting connected internally to the rest of the school (other than your District login and e-mail accounts) will be an account on our carsongraham.ca domain. This is really just a personalized domain name for our school's Google Apps account.

To get an account e-mail Jon Erickson at
jerickson@carsongraham.ca and he will set one up for you as quickly as possible.

Accessing Staff Calendars in a Web Browser

Now that you have been added to the carsongraham.ca domain, you will also now have access to any calendars that have been shared with staff members.

The biggest, and most important, of these is the Staff Calendar, but other calendars have been created to give staff info to things like Library Bookings. To have immediate access to these, login to your Carson Google account by going to Google's main page and entering your:
e-mail address: first initial then full last name @carsongraham.ca
password: (default is carsongraham...although this should be changed).

Then, on the little black status bar at the top of your browser, if you click on 'Calendar' it will take you to your Calendar Page. Staff and other school calendars can be turned on & off as you like simply by clicking on them on the left column of the page. They are turned on, when the square next to their name is illuminated.

Adding your carsongraham.ca account to iOS devices (iPads & iPhones)

Follow the instructions in the video tutorial below.

Making iPad CarsonGraham.ca Ready

Adding any further/additional school calendars that people share with you to your iOS devices

If you already have the Staff Calendar added to your iPad's iCal (Calendar) App, the install process for adding the Library Calendar (or any other calendars staff share with you) is pretty straightforward and painless:

Click the following link:


1. Check the box next to "Library Calendar" (or the calendar you wish to add) and make sure the check mark is there.
2. Hit the "Save" button.
3. Open up your iCal Calendar App and it should begin populating/be listed under your calendars. You can turn it on and off as you please.

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