What Makes me Tick?

Personalty, Emotions, Social/ Emotional Intelligence


As I have grown up, my personality has changed considerably. Back in the day, I was a happy kid who never said a mean thing to anyone about anything. Now, i'm still a happy kid that tries to be nice in every situation, but as I've grown up I have developed a small fused temperment that gets me into trouble now a days. My favorite things in the world are: listening to music, spending time with my grandparents, driving (with music and a friend of course), hanging out with my friends, and eating chocolate chip cookies (who dosent love some good cookies?!?).

I believe that my personality has changed from growing up (nature) but also from things that I've picked up along my life so far(nurture). Another big factor is my bone disease and what it has taught me.

If i had to describe myself, i would say i'm: organized in my own way, humorous, kinda smart, selfless, humble, and thoughtful.

I have reasons for all these things and why I consider them to be me, but you have to get to know me to realize what they are.


I am a normal person (as far as I know), so I have every emotion you do. The main emotions i feel though are happiness, anger, annoyed, anxious/nervous, and restless.

You can ask most people that know me, I am usually a laid back person who always has a joke to crack or something funny to say.

I get mad way more often than i should, and i try to be less of a hot head everyday. If i'm just sitting where i am, and i'm being totally quiet and to myself, you should probably leave me like that. The same goes for annoyed.

If i'm nervous then i'm extremely talkative. I tend to say weird and random things and i also get the sweats and that makes me more nervous because i become self-conscious.

Restless, to me, is a normal thing. I have trouble sleeping every night and i haven't found anything to help yet. The next day isnt very fun, i'm usually too tired to care about things going on around me.

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Social/ Emotional Intellegence

I would like to believe that i have an acceptable amount of social and emotional intelligence. I can understand what emotions i am feeling and i can figure out why i'm feeling them, but i am way better at reading other people and coming up with why they're so emotional about something. My dads a cop and he and my mother both have taken psychology and they've taught me how to read peoples body language better so i understand if they're shady and lying to me.
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I understand where people come from usually. I've experienced a lot in my time and i've dealt with it and understood why it happened. I have friends come to be quite often because they know i will listen and do my part to try to help them any way i can.