Save The Blobfish

By The Fan and The Belieber

Simple Facts about The BlobFish

The Blobfish is from Australia. It's called the Blobfish because it looks like a blob and has a blobby body. It's body let's it float just above the seafloor, so it didn't have to use a lot of energy chasing its next meal.


  • It eats crab and sea floor.
  • It is a deep sea fish.
  • It's part of the family Psychrolution.
  • They are Inhabiting the deep waters off the coast of the mainland Austrailia and


Pictures of the Blobfish

The endangered species of....BLOBFISH!

Endangered species facts.

The Blobfish is a Animal that isn't really popular then pandas. The Blobfish don't really get much intention. You wouldn't want to cuddle with them, you rather want to cuddle with a Panda.