Hurricane Joaquin

What is it and How can we stop it?

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What is Where?

Near the Bahamas, there is a deadly hurricane scientist have name Hurricane Joaquin. ). The hurricane strengthened to a hurricane near the Bahamas. The hurricane warning signs started and warned all the people near the Bahamas about the hurricane. The hurricane grew more violent and rapid as it moved. The hurricane also contained lots of water when it crossed the sea and oceans. The water and the hurricane caused floods and rainfall in the Central Bahamas location. A total blackout had hit all three islands and many houses were destroyed due to the floods and the hurricane. In the map where it shows the hurricane path, it shows how the hurriacne slowly increased in size and the speed slowly decreased. The hurricane must have picked up lots of water because the Atlantic is mostly water and there are only a few tiny islands where water could be dropped on. On the anointed map, it shows where the hurricane currently is, the speed of the winds and how fast it is moving in which direction. This map allows people and scientist to prepare and evacuate people out of towns and cities that the hurricane’s path crosses.

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How Hurricanes Form (Extra Information)

The hurricane started as a small amount of warm water vapor condensing into clouds. Slowly, the clouds form more and more often. As these clouds form a cluster of thunderstorm of clouds, the thunderstorm grows higher and higher. An empty column is also formed in the middle of the clouds. When the thunderstorm gets higher, the air at the top of the cloud column start cooling and becoming unstable. The heat energy being released from the clouds warm the air on top of the clouds, making the air pressure higher and causing winds to move outwards from the high pressure. Then, the air at the surface, the lower pressure area, rises and creates even more thunderstorms. Winds in the stormcloud spin faster and faster until a hurricane forms. The faster the winds spin, the more violent the hurricane is

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Why There?

The warm tropical waters and winds in the Bahamas helped create the beginning of this hurricane. The warm tropical water vapour condenses with the other warm water vapour. There is more water vapour in the tropical areas because of evapouration. When the clouds rise to a certain point, the clouds and air become unstable and cool. Winds blow away from the hurricane and spin faster and faster. The hurricane is more devastating when it passes through oceans because it picks up lots of water. Once this happens, the hurricane can flood and destroy many homes. Since the bahamas is a remote island area, there is water all around the island for the hurricane to pass through. Many homes in the Bahamas were destroyed is also caused by the method and materials the house is built with. Since the Bahamas is a remote area, they would have a hard time receiving tools like bricks and cement. The homes would have to be build out of basic materials such as wood or what some people could find. Hurricanes and floods would easily destroy the foundation and structure of these types of homes. In the first diagram, it shows the process and the creation of a hurricane. The warm humid air would come from the Bahamas area. In the second diagram, it shows the areas where tropical storms form. The orange highlight covers most of the Bahamas and near the equator. These locations have the same conditions as the Bahamas do, warm tropical waters and air. Tropical storms are the first step to forming hurricanes. The Bahamas is a significant place for the hurricane to form.

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Why Care?

We should care because if the hurricane pushes far enough, it would damage and affect the United States. The United States would have to pay for the repair of the damage done to the affected site. The government would have to hire people to clean the mess, repair it, and find a replacement for lost jobs. A large portion of money would have to be spent to repair and support this catastrophe. There could be industries producing resources that have been destroyed as well. Since the United States is a large trading partner for Canada, it would affect Canada as well. Canada would have to rely on another trading partner for a resource if the United States could not transport or deliver the resources to Canada. The United States is also a cheap place to buy resources. However, if the United States were to spend lots of money on repair, it may not be able to buy from Canada at the regular prices.
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