OVS Middle School Newsletter

6th - 8th grade

Important dates

Important Dates:

May 10th - 24th: Live, online support - All learners. [1:30 - 3:30]

May 24th: All semester two work due @ 11:59pm.

May 25th: Pick Up/Drop Off Item Day; 11-2 pm (see below)

End Of Year Details

All lessons/coursework on the middle school pacing guides ends by May 19th. We do this, because of the independent, self-paced nature of our program, so we can support learners' mastery of course concepts with additional time and teacher support at the end of the semester. Please read below end of year details to support a successful end of the school year for your learner(s).

Last Day to Submit Work

The last day for students to turn in quarter 4/semester 2 work will be Monday, May 24th at midnight 11:59 PM. If questions/concerns arise, please make sure you and your learner are regularly communicating with your teachers through these last few weeks.

Online Support Sessions

Middle School online sessions will shift to daily online support sessions on May 10th-May 24th, Monday-Friday.

  • Starting on Monday, May 10th, 6-8th grade schedule will be: Monday-Friday 1:30-3:30
  • Level 3-4 learners will continue their Wednesday morning meetings.

Sessions will be updated on Teams. If your learner is not on pace and/or needs teacher support, it is imperative that they attend live support sessions during these last few weeks.

Pick Up/Drop Off Day

What: End of year pick up/drop off

When: 11-2 pm, Tuesday, May 25th

Where: TAC Parking Lot

Device Returns


Keep for summer if:

  • You live in OPS district and will return to OVS or another OPS school

Return iPad if:

  • Transferring out of the OPS district
  • Family resides outside the OPS district, even if returning next year. They will be redistributed next year.

Don't forget to return keyboards and charging cords as well!

High School Devices:

If you also have a high school student, they will ALL return their devices regardless of whether they will stay in OPS next year.

Pick Up:

You will be able to pick up:

  • Summer Reading Books
  • MAP Scores
  • MTSS-B Prizes
  • School Picture Proofs
  • Other items left at school


Testing season is officially over! Great work to all families who participated! It was truly a team effort and you all pulled together to make sure kids who wanted to test were able to.

MAP: We are printing the MAP Progress Report for all students who tested. These will be sent home with the report card along with a guide on how to read the report and the MAP scores brochure.

Free Metro Transportation for K-12th Grade Students

Due to a generous grant, the Metro Transit Service will be giving free rides for K-12 students starting May 10- June 1, 2022. For details, please see the brochures and FAQ below.





Business as Usual

Mrs. Andrea Florick has joined us as our sub for the majority of the remaining school year.

Keep on working on your coursework in Science and Social Studies...and if you are done, kudos!

If you have any questions about Science or Social Studies, please feel free to email her at andrea.florick@ops.org.

Finish Line

Congratulations to all learners, learning coaches, and their families! We have made it through another year of uncertainty, flexibility, and accomplishments.

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of you for the hard work and dedication to each learner's progression. You have all put in so much hard work and were so understanding as we continued to build this plane as we flew it.

I'm sure this year will be one to remember with our constantly shifting practices and methods of instruction. Though tough, I did enjoy every minute and the opportunity to work with you all. It seemed to go by so quickly as I look back.

Be sure to take some time this summer for yourself and family. Enjoy the rest and I look forward to, those of you returning to OVS, seeing you in the Fall and attacking another school year. For those of you moving on to other opportunities, or returning to your regular school, I wish you all the best. You are all very capable young individuals and I know you will all succeed in whatever you choose.

Thank you again for a great year and good luck!

Final thoughts.....

A Final Week in Review

All ELA and Computer Apps work has been assigned and should be completed as of this week. Your learner’s grade is currently up to date as of today. If they turn in no other work beyond today, the grade they will see is the grade they will earn on their final report card.

If learners still have work they would like to turn in, they have until Monday at 11:59 PM.

One Last Look Ahead

I will be online on Monday, May 24th, from 1:30 PM – 3:30 PM. If there is anything I can do to support your learner, please have them check in there.

A final word....this year has been a challenge for ALL! Myself included. The cool thing about life is that we get the choice each day (and each year) to make it better. I thank everyone for patience, diligence, grace, and whatever you did to make it the best it could be.

I look forward to an increase in normal. I really look forward to seeing students in person. I look forward for opportunities to put into practice what I learned this year.

But first...a break. I hope everyone will take time to enjoy more normal if possible. Enjoy the sun on your face. Enjoy decreased stress and responsibilities. Enjoy people and connections. Just enjoy!

Good luck to those moving on! And to those who are returning...SEE your faces next year!

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