OVS Middle School Newsletter

6th - 8th grade

Important dates

May 3rd - 6th: MAP Testing [Sign up below - All learners]

May 11th: In-person award ceremony & picnic. [11:00 - 1:00]

May 13th: Remote learner award ceremony. [11:00 - 11:30]

May 10th - 24th: Live, online support - All learners. [2:15 - 3:15]

May 24th: All semester two work due @ 11:59pm. [About 5 weeks remaining!]

MAP Testing (Grades K - 8)

The week of May 3rd through 6th will be MAP testing for all learners (face-to-face and remote). This test will allow us to identify how well learners are performing in each content area specific to identified skills. All testing will occur at the TAC building.

Please use the link below to sing up for 3 sessions. One for ELA, one for Math, and one for Science. Please note each block of time is specific to a content area.

Spring MAP Testing Sign-Up

Due to testing, all live lessons (in person and online) are cancelled for the week of May 3-7. This is to respect your time and to protect learning time at home.

Please contact Mrs. Nommensen or the Middle School teachers with any questions. sarah.nommensen@ops.org; thomas.gamble@ops.org; jill.robison@ops.org.

End Of Year Details

All lessons/coursework on the middle school pacing guides ends by May 19th. We do this, because of the independent, self-paced nature of our program, so we can support learners' mastery of course concepts with additional time and teacher support at the end of the semester. Please read below end of year details to support a successful end of the school year for your learner(s).

Last Day to Submit Work

The last day for students to turn in quarter 4/semester 2 work will be Monday, May 24th at midnight 11:59 PM. If questions/concerns arise, please make sure you and your learner are regularly communicating with your teachers through these last few weeks.

Online Support Sessions

Middle School online sessions will shift to daily online support sessions on May 10th-May 24th, Monday-Friday.

  • Starting on Monday, May 10th, 6-8th grade schedule will be: Monday-Friday 2:15-3:15
  • Level 3-4 learners will continue their Wednesday morning meetings.

Sessions will be updated on Teams. If your learner is not on pace and/or needs teacher support, it is imperative that they attend live support sessions during these last few weeks.


  • All students who live in the OPS district will keep their iPads for the summer.
  • If they transfer to a traditional building within OPS, they will keep their iPad.
  • If they are transferring out of the district, they will need to return their iPad.
  • Students who live outside of the district will return their devices at the end of the school year and will be re-distributed at the beginning of the school year upon return to OVS.

End of Year Award Celebrations:

  • ALL K-8 in-person students: Tuesday, May 11th at 11:00 - 1:00. NOTICE THE TIME CHANGE. We are combining sessions.
  • Please have students bring a sack lunch and a towel to sit on.
  • K-8 remote: online on Thursday, May 13th at 11:00 - 11:30.

Material drop-off/pick-up (iPads, summer reading books, etc.)

  • Dates TBD: Waiting for communication from district

Enrollment Update

As you know, the deadline to add siblings/family members for priority enrollment has passed. If you know someone hoping to enroll in OVS next year, please let them know that we will be opening in the coming weeks. Updates will be posted to our website. www.omahavirtualschool.org.

Business as Usual

Mrs. Andrea Florick has joined us as our sub for the majority of the remaining school year.

Keep on working on your coursework in Science and Social Studies...and if you are done, kudos!

If you have any questions about Science or Social Studies, please feel free to email her at andrea.florick@ops.org.

This week learners came to TAC to complete the NSCAS (state testing). Those who took the test did an outstanding job!

Next week we will resume our normal courses. During that open time, learners will focus on the following:

  • Sixth Grade: Statistical graphs
  • Seventh Grade: Probability
  • Eighth Grade: Irrational Numbers

As always, reach out with questions or when help is needed. Encourage learners to join me during the support times or request individual times, when available.

Final Lit Circles


6th grade: Sixth graders should be finished with “The Secret Garden”. Next week, we will have our final Lit Circle. This will give all learners an opportunity to talk about the final chapters of the book they have enjoyed this unit! Our next task is to do a Book Review! I can’t wait to see what they will recommend.

7th grade: Seventh graders will finish “The Call of the Wild” or “The Hobbit” next week. They will participate in their final Lit Circle as well. The final assessment will involve a review of the book!

8th grade: Eighth graders will wrap up our discussions of “Lord of the Flies” with a summary of an article about this classic novel. We will also be doing a compare/contrast of the novel to a small part of the original movie.

As the end of the year draws near, some things are changing on the pacing guide for a variety of reasons. Please be sure you and your learner are checking the announcements on the Class Home page in ELA. Reading these announcements are critical as things have and continue to change as we finish up the year!

Computer App’ers are all designing and coding. Check out what your learner is doing:

  • 6th-Designing a web page
  • 7th-Designing an interactive card
  • 8th-Designing an app

*I am realizing that our iPads provide our learners with a less than stellar experience in code.org. Using the keyboard AND an external mouse can help, but unfortunately, code.org does not work perfectly on our iPads. Many of your learners have found a work around for this (a desktop computer perhaps), but please know that I am taking this into consideration. Best laid plans, right?


We will blink and the year will be coming to an end.

Please keep your learner learning. Ensure they are completing quality work. Ensure they are on pace. Ensure they are taking notes over their lessons and using these notes to help them with their various tasks. This is how they will learn and stay engaged through May!

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