OVS Middle School Newsletter

6th - 8th grade

OVS Updated Important Dates

Below is a link to our website where we have posted an updated list of important dates. This is not an exhaustive list, and it is subject to change. While you are there, check out our website! We plan to start utilizing it more as the year progresses.

OVS Important Dates

iPad Tips and Tricks

Coming this Monday, October 26th. We will have links to videos walking you through common iPad situations learners have encountered.

This week:

Hello parents and students,

Mrs. Felten was out ill Thursday and Friday. She will be back soon!

Have a great weekend!

We're Back!

We are finally back! This week was the first time in 7+ months I was able to work with learners face-to-face and it was awesome. I appreciate all learners for their engagement both in-person and online Thursday. We covered a variety of topics related to the iPads and solutions to problems and concerns. (See above)

Next week we will be moving forward with our live lessons in Math and PE both in-person and online. I look forward to working on selected topics with all learners to help them be successful in the curriculum. Be sure you have all your required materials: iPad, charger, keyboard, agenda.

With the schedule changes remember what each learner is required to attend:

  • Face-to-Face: Tuesday AM or PM for core subjects. Wednesday AM for electives.
  • Remote: Thursday AM & PM for all subjects.

Keep reaching out for help as needed. Besides the Monday and Friday at 2:15, I am willing to schedule additional 30-minute sessions for individual assistance as my schedule allows. We are in this together and will do whatever is needed for student success.

Vocabulary and Writing

Week in Review

This week, learners deepened their understanding of vocabulary by answering some “Yes/No/Why?” questions that incorporated their words. These questions really made them think! I want them to know that learning vocabulary isn’t a one-time thing! Please check out their vocabulary words. Use them in conversation at home. Have them let you know if they see or hear one of their vocabulary words in their day to day life! This means they are generalizing their vocabulary knowledge and increasing the breadth of the words they know!

Looking Ahead

Next week, our F2F and online lessons will focus on skills that will help learners with their writing assignments for K12.

  • 6th grade: Create a research question and plan.
  • 7th grade: Use word choice to make their fictional narratives more descriptive.
  • 8th grade: Learn how to share/collaborate on a Word document for editing purposes.

Ensuring your learner is on pace with the pacing guide (through October 26th) will help them get the most from these lessons.


This week, 8th graders learned about their responsibility and social media. Specifically, how what we do with social media impacts our digital footprints and the footprints of others.

Check out this family resource to facilitate a discussion at home! I used it with my 8th grader and it brought to light a few things!

Digital Footprints and Social Media-Family Activity

If you have questions at ANY TIME, don’t hesitate to reach out to any of us. We are here to help!

Counseling Sessions Now Available!

Our counseling intern, Ms. Ali McGovern has met most of our students during counseling time to introduce herself. Now she will be reaching out to learners for 1:1 discussions to better support them. Possible topics:
  • Areas of Interest
  • Questions/Concerns so far this year?
  • Academics
  • Attendance
Please be on the lookout for an email or invite from Ms. McGovern to connect with your learner in the coming months. If you would like to schedule a session, please reach out to Mrs. Felten.