OVS Middle School Newsletter

6th - 8th grade

Important dates


Wednesday, January 26th: On-Site Cell Phone/Tablet Drive fundraiser

  • 11:00 AM - 3:30 PM on-site at the TAC building. (MAIN ENTRANCE- foyer)
  • Drop off your used/cracked cell phones or tablets.
  • Further directions forthcoming on how to wipe your device prior to drop-off.

Friday, February 4th: No school for learners - Teacher Curriculum Day

Wednesday, March 2nd - Friday, March 3rd: Parent-Teacher Conferences

March 14th - March 18th: Spring Break - no school for learners.

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Before you turn devices in...

Following the below steps will help us maximize profit for each device:

Having your personal data, accounts, or passcode locks removed from your device will maximize the value it yields for your chosen nonprofit.

If your phone is not reset to factory settings Mobilize for Good will only be able to salvage your phone for parts and the donation amount will be significantly lower.

Follow the instructions below to factory reset your device:

iPhone reset: Click HERE for directions

Droid Reset: Click HERE for directions

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Plans for 2022-23 School Year

To help us (and you) plan for the fall, please share your current plans for the fall for ALL of your CURRENT OVS learners by clicking the link below.


Please note:
  • This does not guarantee your learner a spot in the fall as that is contingent upon learner engagement and success.
  • We understand that plans may change. Please keep us updated if this occurs.

Learning Coach Training Session

The following video covers updated procedures for the second semester. Please reach out to Sarah at sarah.nommensen@ops.org with any questions!
Semester 2 Updates recording

Coming soon....

Class competition-Boxtops

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From the teachers:

Hello Learners and LC's!

Science Fair is planned for March 3rd! I will let parents know if it goes virtual or postponed until April depending on COVID at that time.

This week in class, students began the mound of paperwork that goes with the science fair. This will take us 2-3 class periods to complete. All paperwork is due by Jan. 27th to the zoo for entries into the science fair. We have approximately 60 students going!

We filled out an abstract, which is a short summary of their project. We also filled out a research plan, which is medium in length and more detailed than the abstract. Finally, they started their written report, with is the longest of the three documents and most in detail. When they submit these documents to me digitally, I will print and attach them to their fair entry paperwork file. All students will fill out the registration form in class as well.

If your learner misses class, they can access what we are doing by going to the "substitute module" in K12 in their science class.

In class in February, we will be working on our tri-fold poster boards purchased by the school. Students will be able to print their information in black and white for their poster at school, but if they would like color it will need to be printed at home. If they would like to bring an embellishments to glue to their poster such as stickers, cardstock paper, crafty items, etc, they should do so in the next couple of weeks. Bringing items is completely optional and does not affect their grade. I have construction paper and tape for the poster boards.

Middle School - Easy as Pi

Week in Review:

We worked hard learning our skills and applying them in an activity. Learners completed formative assessments on their level's topics as well. We had great discussions in class with learners sharing great perspective.

  • Math 6 - Distributive Property
  • Math 7 - Evaluate Expressions
  • PreAlgebra - Scatterplots
  • PE - Volleying

During the required Monday & Wednesday online lessons I will be teaching/covering one full lesson each day. There are typically only 3 lessons per week, on average, so learners will be responsible for 1 lesson independently. This is hoped to alleviate some of the workload and support learners for a strong start.

PE will be active for 7th grade this quarter. Look into the lessons to encourage your learner. There are weekly instructional videos from the OPS PE team. Learners will be active during these videos so have them ready and hydrated. Alternative space and equipment are given for all activities given our home-based PE. Assessments are located in those videos and learners will record themselves completing them.

Upcoming Topics:

  • Math 6 - Equations
  • Math 7 - Equations and Inequalities
  • PreAlgebra - Lines of Best Fit
  • PE - Tumbling and Balancing

Always reach out with questions and I am eager to support you!


Khan Academy is a valuable resource for learners and parents. Sal Khan has created this free resource to provide instruction, practice, and assessments on topics ranging across all ages of math.

These videos are grade-level appropriate and take you step-by-step through the skills. You can search for a specific skill and receive an instructional video, practice problems, or a quick assessment.


As a reminder, these are the summative tasks we will be working towards this quarter.

6th-Writing a Personal Narrative

7th-Writing a Personal Narrative

8th-Creating a Persuasive Media Piece

This week, all learners have homework. Don't know what they should be doing? You should be able to ask to see their planners OR you can also have a look at the announcements on their Class Home page. My preference would be to reinforce the use of their planners. This tool will be the way learners will know what their assignments are that are not necessarily on their pacing guides.

I told the kids I wish someone would have taught me some planning and time management skills when I was young. They are so valuable in our daily lives and it seems that life just gets busier! Having a way to manage it all is critical.

Hold your learner accountable. Make sure they are on pace in ELA. I have done a lot of work with them and will start turning over the reigns. Together, let's help them find success!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out and ask!

Mrs. Cyr's Newsletter-Social Studies

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E-mail: kathryn.cyr@ops.org

Phone: 531.299.8117

As winter rolls on so do we here at OVS. It's hard to believe but progress report grades will already be due next week. Hopefully you are keeping up with your learner(s) and everything is going great. If you need help with anything please feel free to reach out to myself or any of the other teachers-we are here to help!

Online Social Studies 7 meets Monday from 1:18-2:18 on Teams

Online Social Studies 8 meets Monday from 2:20-3:05 on Teams

Online Social Studies 6 meets Wednesday from 10:10-10:58 on Teams

*These meetings are required unless you have spoken with Dr. Loewenstein about extenuating circumstances.

Please contact me via email if you would like to set up a meeting for assistance.

World History 6: We will be finishing up Classical Greece this week and be transitioning soon into Unit 3, which is a short unit on Islam and early Africa. The Unit Final will be on 02/10/22.

Global Studies 7: This week we are moving on to South Asia and with it a new focus on the Indian subcontinent. We will look at the Geography, the History, and of course life today in the region.

American History 8: This week we will be reading about the Anti-Slavery movement leading up into the Civil War.

Mr. Brannan's Newsletter- Computer


Students were given a two page homework assignment with binary problems. The below video will help remind them how to calculate binary numbers.

Pacing Guide- Please ensure you have an updated Pacing Guide, I will hand out printed copies this week.

Code.org- Students will be working on Code.org (access through Clever App) to learn basic computer science skills. Students may login to active directory using their OPS account at Clever.com/omaha, this will also give them access to EduTyping.

EduTyping- The objective of EduTyping is for students to work on correct finger placement and typing skills. If you are able please check in on your students to make sure they are typing correctly. If I discover that students are simply "hitting the keys" to quickly complete the lesson, I may have them start over.

Students should be trying to get 100% accuracy and all of the stars

Digital Compass- With the new devices students will be able to complete Digital Compass THIS WILL NOT WORK ON iPADs. Students access at digitalcompass.org and use the first part of their OPS email for their sign in.

Binary BrainPOP