OVS Middle School Newsletter

6th - 8th grade

Important dates

May 17th & 19th: MTSS-B Celebration (Awards & Prizes)

May 23rd: Bowling Outing at Maplewood Lanes- sign up below!

May 23rd - 27th: Intersession Week

May 26th: Last day for learners to turn in 4th quarter work!

May 27th: Device Return @ 1:00 - 3:00 in TAC Main Parking Lot

May 31st: Device Return @ 9:00 - 11:00 in TAC Main Parking Lot


May 24th - 26th

Intersession for middle school will occur Tuesday, May 24th through Thursday, May 26th.

For most learners these times will be an OPTIONAL support time to get help with concepts, ask questions, and wrap up the year's content.

Some learners will receive invitations and it will be REQUIRED for them. If you are selected for required sessions, both the learner and learning coach will receive an email from that content area teacher. Learners will also receive an email invite labeled REQUIRED.

To be consistent, times are the same as normal online lessons:

  • Tuesday, May 24th @ 7:40, 8:30, 9:20
  • Wednesday, May 25th @ 7:40, 8:30, 9:20
  • Thursday, May 26th @ 7:40, 8:30, 9:20

Learners will NOT have Online Lessons on Monday or Friday.

End-Of-Year Device Return

Tables will be set up in front of the TAC building in the main parking lot during these times:

Friday, May 27th @ 1:00 - 3:00 PM

Tuesday, May 31st @ 9:00 - 11:00 AM

  1. ALL 6-12th grade students need to return their Surface Go/HP612 devices, chargers, and Surface Go pens (Digital Design).
  2. Students returning to the district in the fall will keep their iPads.
  3. Students NOT returning to Omaha Public Schools need to return ALL technology.
  4. Students who are returning to Omaha Public Schools but NOT to OVS, need to return their iPad keyboards (3rd-8th grade). For example, if they are going to another district or returning to homeschool status.


District Parent Voice Survey

As an ongoing effort to give you more ways to provide feedback on your child(ren)'s school, Omaha Public Schools has launched the Parent Voice Survey. You now have the ability to provide input on the following six specific areas:

  • Climate/Culture
  • Support Staff/Services
  • Communication
  • Safety & Discipline
  • Instruction
  • Principal & Administration

Use this link to complete the survey: www.TinyURL.com/OPSParentVoice


The Yearbook staff is pleased to announce that it is time to order your yearbook!

Go to: https://tr5.treering.com/validate

Paste in this code: 1015671788712892

Applications for the fall are now open!

If you have a sibling who you want to enroll at OVS for the fall, please complete the application below before May 31st. Click HERE to apply. Current students need not apply!

Please help us recruit new families to our program and share this information out! We will be posting on social media for you to share as well.

Thank you for helping us grow our program.

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Attention soon to be OVS 9th graders!

Moving from elementary to middle school or middle to high school can be a leap for some! Help your learner make the transition smoother by participating in Jumpstart at OVS this summer! Learners will prepare for the 2022-2023 school year by making connections with fellow learners and engaging in activities that will help them start the school year off on the right foot!

Click here to reserve your spot!

Midland University Soccer Camp

From the teachers:


Hello learning coaches and learners!

This week students worked on finishing all projects in class. 6th grade worked on a Mars Colony collaboration game or field testing. 7th grade finished their biodiversity packets or field testing. 8th grade worked on the their graphing packets and will have one more week to finish.

Thank you for a wonderful school year!

Middle School - Easy as Pi

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Show and Tell

Our last week is coming up. This will be the time that your learner will show and tell what they know! All learners will be working on their final tasks during the week.


Sixth graders will be presenting an argument on Flipgrid. They will try to convince their audience that all 6th graders should/should not read "The Secret Garden." Of course, they will need to use evidence about the book to back up their position.


Seventh graders will have their final Lit Circle. Please make sure they have finished the book by Sunday so they can prepare. They will also be reflecting on the comprehension strategy that helped them increase their comprehension the most!


Eighth graders will be answering the question, "How does a characters traits, motivations, and changes demonstrate a theme?" They will use their understanding of "Lord of the Flies" to share what they have learned.

Please help your learner finish strong! Just 2 weeks left!

As always, let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Mrs. Cyr's Newsletter-Social Studies

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E-mail: kathryn.cyr@ops.org

Phone: 531.299.8117

It is finally here! The heat has arrived and we are so close to break you can feel it in the air. Some of you have already noticed that I have jumped a little ahead in the gradebook. Some students have been turning work in early so I have been trying to keep the grades as up to date as possible. I want to thank all the students and parents that have been awesome about communicating and keeping on track with the pacing guides! If you are behind, please use these last few days to get yourself caught up before time runs out! Feel free to reach out if you need anything. The best way to reach me is through email-kathryn.cyr@ops.org .

*Remember to sign up for Bowling-Monday May 23rd. Be there or be square!

Online Social Studies 7 meets Monday from 1:18-2:18 on Teams

Online Social Studies 8 meets Monday from 2:20-3:05 on Teams

Online Social Studies 6 meets Wednesday from 10:10-10:58 on Teams

*These meetings are required unless you have spoken with Dr. Loewenstein about extenuating circumstances.

Please contact me via email if you would like to set up a meeting for assistance.

World History 6: We are working on our last unit-Medieval Times

Global Studies 7: We are finishing up our unit on Africa.

American History 8: We are finally moving on into Reconstruction.

Mr. Brannan's Newsletter- Computer


Students were given a two page homework assignment with binary problems. The below video will help remind them how to calculate binary numbers.

Pacing Guide- Please ensure you have an updated Pacing Guide, I will hand out printed copies this week.

Code.org- Students will be working on Code.org (access through Clever App) to learn basic computer science skills.

We will begin to use binary to code pixels and create images.

EduTyping- The objective of EduTyping is for students to work on correct finger placement and typing skills. If you are able please check in on your students to make sure they are typing correctly. If I discover that students are simply "hitting the keys" to quickly complete the lesson, I may have them start over.

Students should be trying to get 100% accuracy and all of the stars

Digital Compass- With the new devices students will be able to complete Digital Compass THIS WILL NOT WORK ON iPADs. Students access at digitalcompass.org and use the first part of their OPS email for their sign in. Students will screenshot their scorecard and submit to K12.

Binary BrainPOP