By Alex Trachsler

HIstory of bandaids

  • 1920- Bandaids are handmaid and not very popular. They are 3 inches wide and 18 inches long.
  • 1951- The first decrative bandaids are introduced. Now you can buy Hello Kitty, batman, smiley faces and many other bandaids with characters on them.
  • 1957- Clear strip bandaids are introduced. The first clear strip bandaid.
  • 1963- Bandaids go to space with Mercery astronuts. Bandaids get to travel to space with some astronuts.
  • 1995- 75th Anniversery. They have now been running their business for 75 years.
  • 2001- Over 100 Billion bandaids made. In this year they became more popular.
  • 2007-"Stuck on Bandaids" jingle is brought back. They decided to bring back their famous known jingle in their new commercial

Facts about Bandaid

  • They were invented by Earle Dickson
  • He originally made them for his wife because she was always cutting and burning herself when she cooked.
  • When he first introduced the bandaids that he had made they were not very popular.
  • He invented sterilized bandaids and they started getting shipped to like army basis and stuff for soldiers.
  • He introduced bandaids with characters in them and they continued being a success.
  • Without bandaids it would be harder to cover wounds or burns or anything.

Importance of Bandaids

Bandaids are important because now you don't have to worry about bleeding through cloth or having to replace it constantly. They are thicker than cloth and they stick to your skin. Now when you get hurt all you have to do is put a bandaid on it and you're all good.

If we didn't have bandaids we would have to use a lot of cloth and replace it a lot and that would just get annoying and nasty. You would have to like tye it to keep it on. That would just get annoying and bandaids just make life simpler.


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