Homeless in Seattle

Lets make a change


Hi. I have a question for you. when you see a homeless individual, what do you think? How do you think our society views individuals without a home? I am pretty sure, you've all heard stereotypes such as; wel-fare riders, dirty and losers. Some people even have the audacity to blame homelessness on the individual.

So, how does this all relate to you? Well, you see you are part of humanity. Thus, you have the ability to make a change. You can decrease such stereotypes by simply saying hello to the next homeless individual you see. Trust me, it will mean a lot. Let us help our brother and sisters in humanity.

Check this facebook page out

This page is awesome!! They take pictures of individuals who are suffering from homelessness, and then they share their story. So, like away folks. They also made ' just say hello ' stickers. Thus, if you are walking around the streets of Seattle and you see such a sticker. That exact day, give a homeless individual a simple hello. Acknowledging them will mean a lot.

Imagine you were on the streets, and you were constantly judged. On top of that, you were also ignored. How would you feel? Not pleasant, eh. Well, as citizens we shouldn't let anyone feel like this.

Homeless in seattle

here is the facebook page, check it out