annexation into the U.S.

do you agree or disagree with the annexation onto the U.S.

Texas point of view

Texas wanted to annex because after the war between mexico and Texas they started going into debt and if they annexed into U.S. it would be paid by U.S. and also they would have protection, a postal system and money system

mexico's point of view

mexico disagreed with the annexation into the U.S. and they refused to recognize that Texas was a republic at the last moment before Texas annexed they offered to recognize Texas if they did not annex

U.S. point of view

at first the U.S did not want to make texas a state because of mexico they thought that mexico was going to try and gain back texas they also did not want to because of texas debt and it is a south state so it would be another slave state and they were trying to get rid of slaves so they were going to bring texas in as a territory instead of a state a territory is still part of the us but they dont have states rights

what i think

i am glad that we eventually annexed into Texas because if we hadn't we would probably be in a lot more debt and we wouldn't have a lot of citizens and the Spaniards might of took control over us again so we would not be independent like we were.

the treaty of April 1844 would make Texas a territory and Texans accepted but the U.S. declined it

election 1844 in the U.S. James k Polk got elected and he favored annexation this meant Americans also favored annexation of Texas

joint resolution a formal ruling passed by both houses in U.S. congress that only takes a simple majority. it was much easier to pass overwhelmingly passed U.S. voted to annex Texas on Feb. 26,1845