My Open House

At the North Pole

Coming Soon

This open house is very special! I love Christmas and what better way is there then an open house! Details are listed below.

Open House Information

Tuesday, Dec. 23rd, 12pm

North Pole

The party is at 12:00, but please be there around 11:45. If you have trouble finding the house contact me at You can dress as any Christmas character you like for example Santa, Mrs. Clause, Frosty the Snowman. Food items will be left out the whole entire open house. They will be just snacks.


12:00-12:30= Mingle
12:30-12:40= Help get food items out and ready to eat
12:40-1:15= Eat and mingle more
1:15-2:00= Play some FUN Christmas games (Bingo, Guess Who= Christmas Themed)

Just a Reminder!

This open house is very important! If you know ANY people that would want to come please invite them. If this open house does great, I might do one next year. If you know for sure you are coming or have any questions contact me at
12 Days Of Christmas Sing-a-long

Christmas Hits

Jingle Bell Rock - Bobby Helms by Christmas Hits