Command and Control Center

Ivan Lau

Join the Military, Behind the Scenes

The people who run the operations at home base are known as the Command and Control Center Specialist (AKA Control Center Specialist). They operate and monitor communications, detection, and weapon systems that are essential to operations. They also relay decisive information to and from air, ground, and naval forces. Control Center Specialist also execute emergency plans in case of a disaster. They also make recommendations to higher ranking officers in an emergency. These are the specialist who get to operate all the defense systems and formulate strategies for their superiors.

Salary & Job Outlook Average

National- $68,000 / Texas- $66,000

Recent conflicts in other countries and the resulting strain on the armed forces may lead to an increasing number of active-duty personnel.

Advantages of being a Command and Control Specialist

  • In less danger than soldier
  • Learn to discipline yourself
  • Know how to prioritize
  • Higher than average pay in US
  • Very demanding job

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