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Background Information

Capital: Kingston

Major cities: New Kingston, Spanish Town, Portmore, and Montego Bay.


Was formally controlled by Spain, but gained their independence in February of 1962.

The official language of Jamaica is English.

Description of flag: Yellow background, four triangles: 2 on top and bottom green 2 on left and right black.

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Geographical Information


Blue Mountain Peak

Catherines Peak

Political Information

Type of government: constitutional parliamentary democracy

Leader: none

Economic Information

Currency: Jamacian Dollar

Economic System: capitalism

Tourist Information

People should visit the beaches in Jamaica .

Tourists should stay up to see the sunset.

Fun facts

The man who wrote the James Bond books made some of his books in Jamaica.

In 1988, Jamaica became the first tropical country to enter the Winter Olympics.

The national dish of Jamaica is Ackee and Saltfish.