In Search of the Giant Squid

By eva jones

Physical Features

Habit, Feeding , Predator and where to find it

Giant Squid Habits

The existence of the giant squid, genus Architeuthis, is well accepted by science though few have ever been seen, and little is known about their habits.

Giant squid are carnivorous mollusks that have a long, torpedo shaped body. At one end, surrounding a beak-like mouth strong enough to cut through steel cable, are five pairs of arms. One pair, thinner and longer than the rest, are used to catch food and bring it to the mouth. Just past the mouth are the eyes. Eyes that are the largest in the animal kingdom, getting as big as eighteen inches across.

All squid move through the ocean using a jet of water forced out of the body by a




What they Eat

They eat fish, other squid, and perhaps some argue, in the case of the largest species, whales.

Find them?

South of Tokyo