Country Project

South Africa

By: Bryce M, Jordan (boy), Stephon

Climate, Geography, Land.

The country's large interior plateau averages about 5,000 feet (1,500 meters) above sea level. South Africa's most important rivers are the Orange, Vaal, and Limpopo.Primarily savanna and semidesert, the plateau is rimmed by a narrow coastal belt, which is subtropical along the east coast and has a Mediterranean climate along the southwestern cape.Snow is confined to the Drakensberg and Maluti mountains, in the east. Seasons run opposite those in the Northern Hemisphere. Meaning that June is winter for them.


Clothes, Religion, Food.

Some rural black Africans wear traditional clothing for special purposes or everyday attire. This may include a variety of headdresses and colorful outfits.. Rural women wear a scarf or other headdress with either a dress or a blouse and skirt. Urban black men wear pants, shirts, and sometimes suits, but rarely shorts. Urban black women wear both African and European fashions.White South Africans wear Western-style clothing, usually made from lightweight cotton. They tend to be well dressed in public. Men wear suits or shirts and trousers. In rural areas, they may prefer shorts and knee socks. Women generally wear comfortable dresses or modest pants. Many Muslim women wear head coverings and other traditional Muslim attire. Indian women often wear a sari, a wraparound-type dress.About 15 percent of South Africans claim no religion and the rest are either mixed or christian.Whites generally observe the continental style of eating: the fork is in the left hand and the knife remains in the right. Black Africans more often eat meals with spoons or their fingers (depending on the food).


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