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July 2017 Edition

From the principal's desk

Comparison...... should we or should we not?

We always attempt to have the best in our lives. At least, better than others. Be it a possession, achievement, lifestyle and even the abilities of our children. To quote an example, a person who has a dream to buy a car will be very happy when he gets a new car home and feel highly accomplished. His sense of accomplishment will vanish the moment he compares his possession with his neighbour’s. He will again start setting a goal to get a better car and this thirst for getting better will never end. It doesn’t stop only with the possessions. The habit of comparison gets viral and even spreads to the thoughts about our children. Most of us compare our kids’ skills, knowledge, accomplishments and even the physical growth with other kids. As a teacher and academician, I met many parents who were badly affected by this ailment called ‘comparison’. Parents whose children are mostly into the ‘A’ grade bracket want to know the marks ‘in number’ because they want to know if their child got more or less than his friends. It always surprises me or, I would say, annoys me when a parent of a grade 1 or 2 child says, “ I am happy with my child’s performance. But, I want to know where my child stands in the class?” This isn't only with older kids. The comparison syndrome has affected parents of very young children too. The comparisons go like this- “That child of my child’s age has started walking, but my child is just trying to stand. That child can speak fluently, but my child struggles. My cousin’s child can write with ease, my child struggles to hold a pencil” and this goes on and on.

Now the question to think about is, is it good to compare and to what extent? Does comparison bring in a positive result in any way?

If we think about the inventions and innovations from early stages of evolution till date, the improvisation in technology happened only by comparing the present with the past. So, I would say that comparison is necessary for the betterment. However, a comparison should be with the same product, i.e. compare Graham Bell’s telephone with the present day smartphone; Wright Brothers plane with the modern jet plane. This will help us to have a positive impact on the progress.

So, how should we compare and what should be the basis of comparison with regards to our kids? Always relate kids with their own self and encourage them to be better than before. Understand that no two kids are the same, even if they are siblings or twins. Every child has their unique genome. They develop and learn at their own pace. Comparing with others will create unnecessary stress for children as well as parents.

The constant comparison will lower the child’s self-esteem and make him/her withdraw from the social interactions. He/she will start developing a negative attitude towards learning and peers. Simply put, what if our children question us on why we weren't as successful as Sundar Pichai? Are we going to get hard at work to become better than Sundar Pichai? Or, would it simply hurt our ego? Did that question create a positive energy or negative energy in your mind? Let's use comparison as a tool, not as a weapon. Let's not forget our original goal - the betterment of the child. Appreciate the effort each time they perform better than the previous. For example, if a child who was struggling to grip a pencil could write a few letters independently, appreciate the progress instead of commenting on the formation of letters. This will encourage the child to try again and again

Praise the strengths instead of focusing on weakness and assure him/her that you can work together on the required areas. This will help the child to gain confidence in himself/herself.

Finally, don’t have/set unrealistic expectations. Every child will take their own time to develop certain skills. If you truly want them to be better, spend time with them in making them better by giving them the support and assurance that they can do it.

‘Praise each child individually for what the child is!’

Help Your Kid Get a Good Night's Sleep

Help Your Kid Get a Good Night's Sleep

Having a sound sleep is very important for the child’s well being, and parents are very well aware of the impact a poor night's sleep has on kids. But, putting young children to sleep is a difficult task with too many distractions around for the kids.

Children who lack sleep remain cranky throughout the day, have problems with attention and learning, have behaviour issues, and even health problems such as obesity.

Given below is a list of tips for ways your family can use to help your kids (and you!) sleep better.

Encourage physical activity instead of screen time after school.

After the school, many kids just want to plop down in front of a computer or TV and veg out. Instead, encourage and facilitate physical activity. Increased physical activity during the day can lead to better sleep.

Keep devices off the bed. It's possible that the light emitted from laptops, tablets, and smartphones interrupts sleep patterns. So, set up a safe zone in the living room for all the distractors such as mobiles and tabs.

Limit young kids' exposure to violent content. Especially for kids under 8, seeing violence in videos, on TV shows, in video games, and in movies can directly affect quality sleep. Exposure to media violence can increase kids' anxiety and lead to nightmares that interrupt the sleep cycle.

Keep TVs out of the bedroom. The connection between bedroom TV and poor sleep is well established. Kids don't sleep as well or as long with a TV present.

Minimise screen time right before bed. Try to establish the hour or so before bed as a screen-free time for kids to wind down. A calming routine such as a bath followed by quiet activities or reading will help young kids make the transition more easily.

Introduce your kids to meditation. Meditation applications can be a quieting addition to kids' bedtime routines. Meditation activities like deep breathing, thinking quite, singing or listening to cool calming down songs/music will help kids calm down and get good night sleep that encourages kids to take stock of their mental and emotional states.

Model healthy sleep habits. No matter which ground rules and routines you put in place for your family, it will be a hard sell if you don't practice what you preach. Young kids emulate their parents. Model your kids by minimising your screen time.

‘A great day starts with a good night sleep’

Courtesy: http://www.parents.com


Ms. Nidhi (Grade 1)

The first month is over and the anxiety has also mellowed down. New class, new teacher, but, the atmosphere is just the same -- fun, joy and laughter all over. Children were very happy to get back to school. They did not take much time to settle down and adjust to the class routine. What a lovely set of children I have. Every day they come with a wide smile on their face. They have so many stories in the Kitty to tell me. Every day, I get to hear a new interesting story. Stories are never ending and so is learning which is happening at a good pace. New activity, new experiment and every day something new to explore. Children are getting new concepts in fun way. They are finding new ways to learn and understand by themselves. Hindi and ICT are the two new subjects which they look forward to every time. Be it stories in Hindi or using paint in ICT. They have got the hang of it and enjoy it as much as I do. And how can I forget art, dance and Sporty Beans? They eagerly look forward to the classes and the new activities happening there.

In English we started with long vowel ‘a’ as in bossy ‘e’ ‘ai’ and ‘ay’.

Science- living and nonliving things and their characteristics

Math- number up to 20, place value, estimation.

Field trip to Botanical Garden

In order to gain first-hand experience about different types of plants, we went on a field trip to botanical gardens, kids observed the difference between different types of plants and collected a lot of samples for further observation and exploration at school.

Ms. Alpa ( PP2)

Welcome to the year 2017-18. We are off to a great start this year! Starting school can be exciting, yet anxious, for both children and I. As we have to get adjusted to each other. On the first day of school, all the kids were very happy to come to PP2. I could see the happiness and the sense of pride on their faces as they felt, they were older now. Taran could not hold his excitement and said,” I am very lucky that I am in PP2. I am big now.” All the kids have settled and adjusted to classroom routines as well as me very quickly.

Kids enjoyed revising and recollecting alphabets and numbers. After reopening the school, the very first event was father’s day. Kids made a lovely card for their father.

In the month of June, we had parent orientation and meet and greet teacher (first parent teacher meeting). So, I got a chance to meet my class kids’ parents. These programs provided ample information to the parents about curriculum, school rules, practices and meet the entire team of Sproutz that will care for their little ones. It also gives me an opportunity to know the parents.

Kids are really enjoying, exploring and learning to be more and more creative and logical during the free play and 'makerspace' activities.

We celebrated International Mud Day in a simple delightful manner, using mud, water and friends! Kids connected with nature by planting seeds and playing in the mud.

As back to school period is over, kids are ready to learn and explore more things. Kids will learn ‘all about me’ in the upcoming month.

School Bells are ringing loud and clear, vacations are over, school is here. Ms.Trishala & Ms.Sushmitha ( PP1)

We all welcomed our little Sproutzies after a long summer vacation. The corridor was buzzing with different sounds. Some were crying and some were laughing. We all enjoyed the sunshine & rain that joined us while we played. During the first week of school, my kids were constantly asking for their Nidhi ma’am and Anitha ma’am (their previous teachers). Children make a special bond with their teachers each year and find it difficult to make a connection with the new teacher in the beginning of the academic year. So, during the first week, all that I planned for my class was to play, to paint, to sing rhymes and to read stories. All my kids got connected with me very well in just a few days.

On the occasion of father’s day, the little ones enjoyed making Father's Day greeting card and were happy to take the card home. International Mud Day celebrations at school was another exciting event which helped shy kids to open up and extroverts to enjoy to the peaks. End of July all my kids got well connected with me and Sushmita. They are all ready for another exciting year of playing and learning.

The school organised Parent orientation program on 10th & 15th of June. The Gathering was aware of the academic year, culture, and working atmosphere of the school. Facilitators introduced themselves to the parents. It was a fantastic opportunity for parents to know the facilitators of the different classes. This was the start of something amazing!!

Ms. Kavya (Nursery A)

A very 'Warm Welcome' to all for the 2017-2018 school year. It is just one month but, I have many wonderful experiences with my tiny tots. Though I am new to them, they adjusted well with me within a short period of time and I feel very lucky to have these kids in my class. They are very energetic, expressive and caring. Each day they come to me with a cute smile on their faces and share a lot of things with me. Some examples to quote- Ruhi said, "ma’am yesterday u didn't come. Yesterday, I went to movie"; Anvi said, "ma’am I missed u so much yesterday." ; Alaysha said, "ma’am I eat bread today". June is primarily devoted to settling down, getting to know each other and adjusting to school routine. I am glad to say that my kids are now familiar with various things and different people at school. They listen and follow instructions given by me. In this month, they enjoyed different activities like crawling under a table, picking beads with tongs, obstacle race and many games. All my kids enjoyed crawling under the table with a doll, an activity designed to work on their gross motor skills. They understood the classroom rules and are following them diligently. They are also practising to use kind words, how to use potty seat and many more things. Now they are saying, "Pavani aunty, ‘washroom’ "; "Kavya mam, please give paper."; "please share”.

Our day starts with singing one of our favourite rhymes, "good morning, good morning". During circle time, kids share interesting thoughts and experiences and make it very interesting. We all enjoy it a lot, it's our favourite block. I feel excited to see my kids help each other in many things like bringing water bottles for their friends and cleaning up classroom. When it comes to story time, they become cute little teachers and retell the stories by seeing the pictures. When I was telling super hero potty time story, Tia said, "Ma’am if we do potty smell will come." Then Ruhi said, "maa'm if we press flush button all the poo will go away." Akshhat said, "Ma’am ghar me chicks potty Karthe hai, bahut gandha gandha karthe hai. mai aaj ghar jake chicks ko bolunga potty seat me karna hai." Very interesting application of thoughts! Our little ones enjoyed making stars during Eid celebration. We celebrated International Mud Day where we all enjoyed making our favourite things with mud and planted seeds. I am so happy to say that my little ones are enjoying a lot at school and we all are learning together.

Ms. Mounika ( Nursery B)

It was an exciting start this year for me as well as my kids. As we all know each other very well, it did not take much time for even the new kids to get adjusted to the class. It was a period filled with a lot of excitement to start a new class, new routine with many exciting activities. As kids are introduced to free play with a large group this year, they are thoroughly enjoying interacting with a larger group of kids, choosing their own play corner, waiting for their turns and sharing with their peer group.

This month, we discussed the importance of cleaning up toys, sharing, and good habits. We also set few classroom rules and routines. We had a lot of fun while reinforcing shapes, colors and few concepts which they have learnt last year. One of the fun activities which my kids have enjoyed a lot was free hand painting. Kids were given brushes, sponge, cotton, paint, and chart paper. I told them to paint on chart as per their wish. First they started painting with brushes, sponge. Later they kept them aside and started painting with their hands, fingers and made that chart paper colorful and bright.They also enjoyed picking objects with tongs which is their all time favourite activity. Few more fun activities were water play, making roti with play dough, sand treasure hunt..

In the month of June, we celebrated International mud day. Kids had a lot of fun playing with mud. We also celebrated Eid. We discussed Masjid, prayer, fasting, sheer khurma in our class. Kids are enjoying sporty beans and dance classes. We started sending storybooks home. I request you to take some time out each day and read a story to your child.

Parents are always welcome to share their thoughts and concerns. Let’s work together to make this year successful for our kids.

Ms. Maya ( Playgroup)

It’s been a month since the school has started. All the kids that transitioned from toddler room into playgroup room adjusted to the new room and routines beautifully. New kids who joined recently are still settling down. Even though there is a change in the eating routine, nap routine and class structure, kids adjusted very well.

Kids started following the classroom routine with increased attention span. They are developing interest towards storytelling. They enjoyed stories from the books like goodnight moon, rabbit’s nap. They show eagerness to participate in all the class activities I plan for them. They enjoyed ice cube painting, painting with cotton balls, thread painting, sponge painting. My kids love to play with sand, coloured noodles, play dough and also water. They learned pouring, dabbing, squeezing and filling. They started to play in groups with their friends. One day I took kids to the ground floor. All kids started to play on the trampoline. But, Supreeth chose to play on the slides. When all the kids were jumping on the trampoline, Aarna asked me, “ Supreeth kaha hai?”( where is Supreeth?). I said, “He is playing on the slide with aunty.” Aarna immediately started calling, ‘’Supreeth come, Supreeth come.” They love to play together and care for each other. My kids also love rhymes. They always hum the rhymes in the class and also while playing. This month, my kids are introduced to the dance class. They all are enjoying dancing with their Shachi ma’am. I am proud to say that my kids are becoming independent. They started to eat on their own and also trying to put their bags in the cubby.

Playing with mud and water is again one of their most favourite activities. During the International Mud Day celebration, kids enjoyed at the peak level in the mud by jumping, splashing, making ball and cakes out of the mud. June and July went on very well with my little angels and I am looking forward to another exciting month.

Toddlers (Ms.Sashi)

My kids are always the most energetic and active members of the school. They love to explore different things around and playing with colours is their favourite activity. Surprisingly my little ones are also learning to wait for their turn while doing the activities.... isn't it amazing?

Highlights of the month

Parent Orientation

Progress and well being of children at school depends on how well the parents understand the philosophy of the school and work in coordination with the school. Parent orientation provides an opportunity for the parents to know more about the vision of the school with regards to its student's development; the process and programs planned. We conducted the orientation program in two spells to facilitate working parents,

Parents attended the orientation program in good number to understand the policies and procedures of the school. They actively participated in the discussion and asked many questions to clarify their doubts.

Free Play

One hour of free play is one of the major changes we brought in the school routine this year. Unstructured free play provides rich self-learning experiences for the young kids. Our kids look forward to the free play and are learning to make their own choices, negotiate with their friends, take turns and most importantly they are socialising with a large group of kids and adults. We are very glad to share that the glimpse of free play at Sproutz was appreciated by Early Childhood Association of India and was featured on their Facebook page which is followed by appreciation from several educators across India. We are very proud of our entire team that is creating a very thoughtful free play environment each day with different engaging activities for our children. Here is what one educator & teacher trainer has to say about the free play on our facebook page:

"Lovely! ! Feels so good to see the variety of experiences provided to the children at Sprouts! Appreciate the fact that teachers are actually trying to facilitate hands on learning , they themselves staying in the background and are not trying to teach kids what to play and how to play to make sure "learning "happens, although guised as play. Kids seem to be enjoying freedom of choice in a relaxed and stress-free environment. The best and most important thing I felt is that no teacher seems to be in a hurry to wind up free play and get kids start "actual learning". If this is a regular practice at your school, then it must be an ideal place for some good self initiated learning! Kudos to the Sprouts team!!"

Free Play At Sproutz

International Mud day Celebration

Playing with mud and water is one of the most favourite activities for kids of any era. Mud, especially during the monsoon, has a lot of good bacteria which helps boost immunity. On the occasion of International Mud Day, we created an artificial pool with natural mud. All the kids, except a few, enjoyed the mud play. They jumped and rolled in the mud, squished and splashed, sculpted clay and also found new ways to play with the mud. Kids were so happy and immersed playing in the mud that we had to extend the time allotted for the activity. It definitely made us to think about having mud play every month. Here is our blog article about the event: http://www.sproutzschool.in/international-mud-day-2017-sproutz/
International Mud Day Celebrations 2017 @ Sproutz

Grandparents Day

It was an event filled with fun, frolic and lot of enthusiasm. We planned this special event for the lovely grandparents of Sproutzies with a retro theme. All the sweet sixty-teens participated in all the activities planned and proved that their energy is unmatchable. As a part of the retro theme, we had a few competitions like identifying the song and dialogues of 60's, 70's and 80's, making dub smash and much more. Our kids mesmerised their grandparents with a striking performance and confident compeering for the program. Did we mention that our lovely teachers performed for the songs from yester years? Watch it for yourself...
Grandparent's Day Celebrations At Sproutz 2017-18
Dance By Teachers

Music & Gymnastic classes

We are happy to announce the start of music and gymnastic classes for grade 1 and as an after school activity. Kids are enjoying singing and making musical beats using the simple instruments like maracas, tambourine, xylophone and drums.

Gymnastics class has become one of the favourite activities at school for our grade 1 kids. They look forward for the challenges they get during the class.

IXL membership

As promised during the parent orientation, we have taken the IXL membership, created and shared the individual login id and password for all the PP2, grade 1 and after school children. IXL is the world's most popular subscription-based learning site. It provides unlimited practice in more than 4500 maths and English skills.

Some of our children have already made this as part of their routine at home. We hope that the other parents also get started with it. Please make the best use of this membership and help your kids practice and develop English and Maths skills.

So far, our kids have collectively spent 32 hours to solve 6850 questions and made progress in 148 skills! That's quite an achievement in just under one month!

Nisshok, Arjun and Shloka from Grade1 and Saanvi from PP2 have been spending significant time. Great job kids! We hope that other kids join the bandwagon pretty soon.

Upcoming Events

Janmastami celebration for toddlers & playgroup- 14th August

Independence day celebration- 15th August

Ganesh Chaturthi celebration- 24th August

Teacher's appreciation week - 4th September to 8th September

Dussehra celebration- 19th September

Upcoming Holidays

4th August- Varalakshmi Pooja- Holiday for school

7th August- Raksha Bandhan- Holiday for school

15th August- Independence day - Holiday for school & day care (Celebration for Nursery to Grade 1)

25th August- Ganesh Chaturthi- Holiday for school & day care

5th September- Ganesh immersion- Holiday for school (tentative)

20th September to 2nd October- Dussehra vacation for school

29th September- Dussehra- Holiday for day care