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Lots of Fun!

Balls Everywhere!

Hi everyone! September is almost over and we already started with our Unit about Balls. Thank you for helping us build a great collection of balls.

This week started out with Peace Day and was full of fun activities.

We had two baking experiences; we learned about balls, their shapes, sizes, colors and even properties; we turned our Kitchen into a Sports Shop; we played games in our ipads; we read amazing books...and more!

Hope you enjoy this edition of our Weekly Newsletter!

Peace Day

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This week we read The Little Red Hen. It is a story about a little hen that wants to bake bread.

With some super helpers we baked our own bread! And it was amazing!

On Tuesday we shared some bread during snack and everyone loved it. They were very proud of their creation.

Take a look at the process!

Bread Recipe

For the yeast.. (you can also buy the instant one and add 3 and a half tablespoons of that one)
4 cups of warm water
5 envelopes of yeast
2 tablespoons of sugar

Wet ingredients
4 eggs
1 3/4 of oil


On a small bowl first you mix the yeast with the warm water, add the sugar and you let it sit, until it rises.

On a separate and BIG bowl add the dry ingredients all together, flour, sugar and salt.

Then you add the wet ingredients to the dry ones, the eggs and oil.

Last, you add the yeast and knead the dough until its even. Cover the dough with a towel and let it rising for about an hour.

Braid away! When finished... cover the loaf with some egg on top of it so that it gets gold in the oven.

Some people also add sesame seeds or poppy seeds or both.

Bake for about 20 minute, but remember: it depends on the oven.

What do we know about balls?

Learning about balls has been super fun! Every morning of this week we have been practicing our conversation skills. We write down a question and start discussing it.

We are learning about taking turns, learning to talk and listen, to use eye contact... This skills will help in school and making friends!

Here are the questions we discussed this week:

  • What is your favorite ball to play with?
  • What do we know about balls?
  • Is this ball bigger or smaller than your?
  • How many times can you bounce this balls?

The kids came up with wonderful answers.

The Mystery Box!

We now have a Mystery Box in our classroom. Every now and then, we will put something inside the box and have each child guess and check what it is. This was our first try and they we very intrigued. Some of them guessed correctly and other said hilarious answers.

This week we put in a Tennis Ball and heard things such as: lemon, apple, planet, and even a doll.

Brigadeiros...small chocolate balls!!!

Silvia, Gus' mom, came up with the incredible idea of making Brigadeiros! It was a perfect fit for our Balls Unit. Brigadeiros are Brazil's most famous and beloved chocolate fudge balls.

She brought in the dough and sprinkles and each child made his own custom made Brigadeiro. Ms. Jasury and I even did some!

It was a sticky yummy and fun recipe!

Mary had a little lamb

We sang the song "Mary had a little lamb" with the children. I gave them a small collection of cotton balls and a beautiful green field. Then I explained that they were going to count Mary's lambs in a pretend counting game. The cotton balls are Mary's lambs.

Snap Shots!

Healthy Choice Quick Tip!

We've been having lots of pasta for lunch! So here's a quick tip: as children are still learning fine motor control, pasta such as elbow, tubes, twists...short shaped pastas!

Sometimes, spaghetti can be tough for them to eat independently.

Take a look at this yummy short pasta mac and cheese!

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More information below

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  • FANLYC Race
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  • Healthy choices
  • Sickness Policy

No School Tomorrow!

Friday, Sep. 25th, 7pm

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Jeans Day!

Friday, Oct. 2nd, 7:30am

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Fanlyc Race!

Sunday, Oct. 18th, 7am

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Yearbook Pictures!

Tuesday, Oct. 27th, 7:30am

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Yearbook Pictures!
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Keeping our classroom healthy!

Please remember that children should not be at school if they are unwell or recovering from any illness. If a child is unwell we advise they should remain at home to rest and recover. We would recommend children be fever free, or free from stomach sickness or similar illness before returning to school. We appreciate your assistance in keeping our classroom happy and healthy for your child to enjoy.