Using Probes in your classroom

The "ins and outs" of measuring data

This workshop is designed to familiarize you with the benefits of using an array of probes in your class.

Monday and Thursday

4pm - 6pm


4:00- Introduction on using probes

4:30- Example lesson plan

5:00- You practice using probes with others

5:45- Questions and Answers

6:00- Provide information and follow up materials

Guaranteed you will walk away with a new use for using probes in class.

Benefits of probes

  • Improves student understanding of science concepts.

  • Frees class time for student engagement in higher order thinking skills, such as analysis, synthesis, and evaluation.

  • Supports STEM education and priorities outlined under ARRA and Race to the Top.

  • Enables students to perform many new experiments with measurements not previously obtainable in the classroom.

  • Increases test scores in science.

  • Is recommended by national organizations, including NSTA, ISTE, ASTE, and IB.

  • Encourages inquiry-based lab activities.

  • Supports National Science Education Standards.

SURVEY on your use or feelings of probes

Please take your time to fill out this survey before coming to the workshop.