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English 9 Pineda - Spring 2015

1. Journal Reflection

One of my goals is to pass all of my class. I also want to pass all of my SOLs without having to retake them. I want to pass high school and get good grades. I want a good job (even though don’t know what I want to be yet). I guess my last goal is to find out what I want to be in life.

This is my best journal because their goals that I made in January, but I didn’t do any of it. It’s interesting because I still want to keep those goals. Passing the SOLs is very important to me and passing high school is something that’s been on my mind. I also want to find out what to be in life. My dad is always on my back for that. Passing all my classes is something that I need to do.

2. Student Choice Short Essay

I would not travel back in time because of the story ‘A sound of thunder’. Eckels and other hunters travel back in time to hunt a T-Rex. They also pay $10,000 to join. Travis (the hunting guide) informed the hunters to stay on the path. Eckels is excited about the hunt, but when T-Rex approaches, he gets scared. Even though Travis tell him not to leave, he panics and runs of the path. Eckels hears shots. When h returns he sees that the dinosaur is dead. Travis threatens to leave him in the past. He also threatens to shoot him. When they return Eckels notices changes. English words are spelled strangely. People act differently. Looking at the bottom of his boot, he finds a crushed butterfly. The butterfly’s death has changed the history. He begs Travis to take him back to the past, but you ant return to the point in tie that has been visited. In the end Travis ends up killing Eckels. Going back in time can be scary. Doing one small thing can change history.

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3. Student Choice Short Essay

I think love is strong than hate. Only because of ‘Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare’. Both of their family hated each other, but Romeo and Juliet ended up falling in love despite their differences. When Romeo thought Juliet died he decide to kill himself, but when she woke up and found him dead, she killed herself. At the end both Romeo and Juliet family decide to end their feud. I think if their families ended the feud before neither one of them would be dead.

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4. Note To Self - Year Reflection

Dear Riana, I think I applied myself this semester, all year actually because I’ve had at least ‘A’ or ‘B’ the whole year. One of my favorite parts of the semester was when you told the class we didn’t have to make a video for the advertising commercial. My least favorite was when we had to read that book about the black guys and take quizzes and do classwork. I would fail every time. My favorite project was the advertising commercial. My product was cereal and it’s was called bananas bubbles. It was so cute.