Jewish Cultural Traditions/Customs

By: Kyle Gambeski and Erik Martel

The "skull cap"

Also known as a yarmulke, kippah or kappel. These are worn to show respect in the presence of God, acts as a reminder there is always something separating man and God. Usually a skull cap, the headgear may be any other kind of hat. The skull caps may be made of any color and many different materials and have been known to have patterns with hebrew writing.

Jewish Beards

Jews let their beards grow freely because they believe that the long flowing beard is a bridge between mind and heart, thoughts and actions, theory and practice, good intentions and good deeds. Often times we say we believe things or should do things, but never get around to doing them. The beard is a way to bring our ideals and philosophies into our everyday lifestyle.

Kosher and Terefah Food

Kosher food is conforming to the religious law with regard to the preparation and consumption of food. Only animals that chew cud and have split hooves may be consumed. Cows and sheep are animals that are considered Kosher unlike animals such as pigs which are Terefah. Also milk products may not be cooked or eaten with meat or poultry, or until four hours after eating them.