The Sigler Voice

Amplifying the Voices of #SiglerNation Volume 2 Issue 9

The Sigler Voice

The Sigler Voice is a weekly newsletter to our Sigler Community amplifying the voices of our students and teachers. Want to know what is taking place within the halls and classrooms of Sigler Elementary? Look no further. Our students and teachers are going to share it here.



1st Grade

First graders are learning about shapes in our geometry unit. We are learning how to classify and sort shapes based on their attributes.

2nd Grade

This week in Second Grade we focused on AVID strategies! We even had a visit from the Avid Fairy!

When I grow up I want to be a ...

4th Grade

4th grade is getting back into the swing of things after winter break.

5th Grade

We have been exploring different techniques that persuasive texts use. We have looked into how these techniques are used in our everyday lives. For example, print ads and commercials use a variety of the persuasive techniques to convince you to buy and participate in an activity. Students have created their own print ads and commercials. They have embedded and applied persuasive techniques into their own persuasive advertisements.

This week we had the opportunity to visit Wilson Middle School to get a glimpse of the middle school day! Listen to our voices on Flipgrid to hear all about what made us excited for the next step.
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Future Wilson Rams: Reflection on our Visit