Canadian wilderness skills

by : Iris arque


Just stay calm because sooner or later someone is going to find you.Until then here is how to survive in the Canadian wilderness.In this brochure i will teach you step by step on like how to start a fire or where to sleep at and more things.For you to survive while your in their.

How to start a fire

their are a ton of ways to start a fire but some take too long witch is bad because what if you need the heat right away because its freezing cold that night.I saw one way that i think will not take that long its were you grab a stick by your two palms and you start to twist it on the rock I don't think it takes that long to start a fire with that because it will start heating up from the friction. Thats one way you can start a fire and i bet its the best one i have one example of one that will take to long if you have a magnifying glass and the sun is out the magnifying glass will reflect of of it to the wood and start a fire. The reason i said it was a bad one is because what if its night time you would not be able to make a fire their is nothing for it to reflect off of.

What to drink & eat

there is no food to its not like there are restaurants out in the wilderness to get food and something to drink.Some common food you will find are berries unless you have something with you.Berries are piousness not all but some are the way you can tell they are not or are piousness if you see black berries or blue berries those are the ones that you can eat they are edible.For the water well you don't necessarily have it on you so you might have to get it from a lake or river near you and once you get it you will probably have to boil it because sometimes water can carry bacteria from the animals that live in the water like fish.