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August 2014

Recent Successes

OUTREACH: Bayview Community Shuttle

Every Friday over the past month we had a community group from the Bayview district come out to our park to get a program with rangers and experience new sites. They went out to the Presidio, Lands End, and Mori Point! Thank you to our Conservancy friends for making it possible and to all the rangers that helped with the programs, Jenn Flores, Marcus Combs, Mariajose Alcantara, Fatima Colindres, Lou Sian, Makoto Valdez, and our academic intern, Yazmin Medriz


Will Elder and Roxi Farwell led a park academy class, Communicating Climate Change, for a group of 19 park volunteers, Conservancy staff, interns, MUWO rangers and docents from the Mid-Peninsula Open Space District. Catherine Carlton, of the GG Institute, shared the institute's climate change education mission with the group and contributed to the thoughtful discussions throughout the class.

EDUCATION: Dissonant Voices

Dissonant Voices, our annual summer workshop for high school social studies teachers, drew 27 educators and 25 NPS/Conservancy staff. Framed by the essential question, "What happens when we teach untaught histories," the topics addressed social justice issues linked to GGNRA, SAFR, and Port Chicago.Portuguese Consul General Nuno Mathias joined us for the session on the Portuguese dairy farmers of Marin. Milton Reynolds, a senior program associate at Facing History and Ourselves, facilitated key sessions interweaving race, class, and gender. The materials will be posted on our For Teachers section of the website later this year. Thank you Lynn and the Education Team for an inspiring week!

YOUTH: Park Youth Collaborative (PYC)

It may have been awhile since you have heard progress from the PYC team. Recent successes include a signed MOU by the three agencies involved (NPS, Conservancy and Presidio Trust), completed Youth Programs Standards and Indicators, and tri- agency attendance at a Collective Impact workshop. This Fall, PYC will be hiring a consultant to create a comprehensive transportation strategy that looks at how we can increase affordable transportation options for youth groups visiting the park. In addition we will be piloting the program assessment tool and starting to offer professional development workshops. Special thanks to Nancy Caplan for her amazing work on this project.

New Staff & Kudos

Some folks may have already met Raenelle as she has been working as consultant for PYC while finishing her Master's Degree in Museum Studies as JFK University, but Raenelle has recently been hired at the PYC Manager. If anyone thinks it is difficult understanding the nuances of NPS, she has the tough job of aligning to three agencies! Raenelle has proven to be a talented and artful communicator and managerwe welcome her in her new capacity.

VISITOR FEEDBACK: Kudos to Benny Batom for his Escapes Tour
"Thank you again for the excellent walking tour about escapes from Alcatraz. Our family greatly enjoyed your information and enthusiasm. I snapped this picture in one of the buildings (maybe the laundry) through the broken security glass and I felt that it captured the essence of the place and the tour."

—Tom De Groff, Ellicott City, Maryland


Kudos to our Social Media Intern Olympia Zampathas who has helped us surpass the Parks Conservancy's Instagram in terms of followers. We have had a significant increase since the account was created in January 2014, to now more than 900 followers. Kudos to our Academic Intern Brenna Cruz and Ayuchi Sandlin as well in providing the digital resources from the I & E Media Team.

DEPARTURES: Guy Washington's Retirement

After 38 years of service, our friend Guy Washington is retiring from the Park Service. His last day was July 26th and he spent it doing interpretation at the Golden Gate Bridge. A lot of the new staff met Guy at the Bridge while many others have known Guy for years. The stories he has shared, his wisdom, and knowledge of the park and life will be missed. We wish you all the best on this next chapter of your life, happy retirement!

DEPARTURES: Nicole Jung-Alexander

Our friend and fellow ranger Nicole (based out of the Crissy Field Center) will be leaving us in September. Nicole got her start as an AmericiCorps intern and Art Specialist at CFC before becoming an Education Ranger. In her time she has helped thousands of children find new meaning in their national park. We wish her all the best in her new adventure, she will be missed!

Safety Message

SAFETY: Reduce Risk

The 2014 National Safety Month theme, "Safety: It takes all of us," was inspired by the idea of continuous risk reduction – a key pillar in the Journey to Safety Excellence. A successful safety program depends on spotting hazards early, evaluating their risk and removing or controlling them before harm is done. Use this June to find creative ways to engage everyone in reducing risk in your workplaces. A little effort today has the potential to prevent tragedy tomorrow. MORE INFO on how you can keep safe at home.

With Guy's departure we are looking for a new division representative for the Park's Health and Safety Committee. If you are interested please contact your supervisor.

I & E Highlight

PARTNERSHIPS: New Programmatic Partnerships at Fort Point

Fort Point has established a new program partnership with a local community group, Engineering for Kids. Engineering for Kids is based out of the Outer Richmond district of San Francisco. These immersion camps include students from San Francisco as well as exchange students from China. The rangers at Fort Point provide Engineering for Kids summer camps with pier crabbing demonstrations to give these students the opportunity to learn about the wildlife and habitat of the San Francisco Bay during this hands-on program.

PUBLICATIONS: New GOGA Unigrid Map English Version Almost Here and Spanish & Chinese Under Review

A small shipment of the new park-wide brochure has arrived with larger shipment to arrive any day. Please use up the current brochures before distributing new ones. You will notice a few changes like expanded map to the south, water boundary, more icons, and new layout. We hope this visitors like it!

If you are fluent in either Spanish or Traditional Chinese we could use your help reviewing the DRAFT copies of the translated versions To access a PDF copy of each, follow these links:

Please send your corrections to George Su as soon as possible.

SF NETWORK OF PARKS: Rosie the Riveter WWII Homefront & John Muir National Historic Site Visit

The folks at Fort Point traveled decades into the future, out of the United States' Civil War era, and into the pressing times of World War II—encapsulated by the Rosie the Riveter WWII Homefront National Historic Park. "We were brought to profound reverence through the site's illustration of the American people's adversity, ingenuity, and resilience experienced within the domestic front. Afterwards, we were a short journey away from the John Muir National Historic Site, where we were once again reminded through the experiences of John Muir of our mission in preserving and conserving America's heritage, while continuing its relevance in a changing world. We thank the rangers and volunteers of Rosie the Riveter WWII Homefront, and John Muir National Historic site for hosting our visit!"- Antonio Cruz

LIVING HISTORY: Fort Point National Historic Site Living History Day

The bugles call, and percussion strikes--piercing through the Pacific entrance's dense fog. Fort Point's fortifications hungers for a garrison. The guardians of days past reawaken the dormant Fort, with tales of wartime American bravery and transgression once again filling the arched crimson halls. The talented Civil War reenactors illustrate the complicated climate of a nation at war, and the many faces at the forefront of an incoming threat. Listen attentively to the commands of the conscripted soldiers donned in faded blue, as they lead infantry and artillery drills, with some exchanging stories of centuries-old medicine, and the tribulations of weathering the harsh environment of the Pacific coast. San Francisco once again avoids looming danger with Fort Point in action... if just for another day.

PARTNERSHIPS: Mission Dolores Day of the Dead Celebration

Check out an inspirational video that was produced by our volunteers from the I & E Media Team about the Mission Dolores Day of the Dead Celebration. This is an example of one of many partnerships that we have with the San Francisco community.

Mission Dolores Day of the Dead Celebration

Project Updates

EMERGING TECHNOLOGY: CyArk 3D Rendering of Park Resources

Marcus Koenen, Michael Faw, and George Su recently attended a presentation form the nonprofit organzation CyArk. The organization mission of using new technologies to create a free, 3D online library of the world's cultural heritage site before they are lost to natural disasters, destroyed by human aggression or ravaged by the passage of time. The park will be reviewing the potential and consider CyArk's partnership proposal. If you'd like to check it out yourself go to: www.cyark.org


The topographical map for Muir Beach Overlook has been recently installed by Michael Faw. They showcase the same great features of the Redwood Creek Watershed as the topo maps already installed at Muir Woods, Muir Beach and Mt. Tamalpias.

Diversity Tip of the Day

DIVERSITY TIP OF THE WEEK: Individuals Aren't Diverse, Groups Are

From the University of Maryland's Office of Diversity and Inclusion

Sometimes individuals are referred to as "diverse". But that term doesn't make sense, because "diversity" is a group rather than an individual characteristic. Individuals, for example, African Americans, sexual minorities and religious minorities, may be "marginalized" or "underrepresented", and to create diverse work groups and classrooms, we need to recruit, hire, admit and fully engage students and colleagues from such groups. But "diversity" is a characteristic of the collective. Referring to individuals as "diverse" contributes to the notion that some people have "culture" or "identity", while others do not. Yet every one of us has "identity" and "culture". Using precise terminology helps us to make a "diverse" campus feel truly inclusive.

For more information on "The State of Diversity in Environmental Organizations: Mainstream NGOs, Foundations & Government Agencies” be sure to check out this report.

Communication “Nuggets” for Dealing with Problematic People Workshop

Wednesday, Aug. 13th 2014 at 9am-4pm

989 Marine Dr

San Francisco, CA

1/2 Day Workshop Session with Dr. Jon Hooper.



To find out more with what is happening in the park, check out other upcoming Park Events page on the Parks Conservancy website.

Did You Know?

HISTORIC FLASHBACK: Gem from the CBS Evening News of October 26, 1974.

Here's a historic flashback with Walter Cronkhite covering the opening of Alcatraz under the National Park Service (video below), 1974. Featured are Jerry Rumburg and (then) Eric Mart. If you listen closely, you may notice a bit of ranger lore creeping in, even on opening day.

—John A. Martini

Alcatraz Opening National Park Service 10261973

Michele Gee

Chief of Interpretation & Education
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